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All Penn Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Who would want to be a journalist?
Tears of the Kingdom
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Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Penn has been spotted in numerous locations and Link is having a hard time finding him! Now you can have a career similar to ours in Tears of the Kingdom. You will have the opportunity to become a journalist, and not just any journalist, a journalist for the Lucky Clover Gazette. If you want to become a journalist while playing Tears of the Kingdom you’re going to need to track down Penn. Here are all the locations Penn can be found at if you want to upgrade your gear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where is Penn Located in Tears of the Kingdom?

There’s a high possibility that you aren’t really interested in becoming a journalist. You just want the perks that come with joining this exclusive company. The only reason why you’d want to join the Lucky Clover Gazette is because you want to upgrade your gear. You will meet Penn at Lucky Clover Gazette amongst his friends. The company is located near Hebra and once you interact with Penn he’ll start appearing in different locations on the map.

Are you not really interested in tracking him down yourself? That’s fine we can give you a list of where to find Penn. In this side adventure, you’ll be playing hide-and-seek with Penn and you’re only going to be able to find Penn at stables around Hyrule. Here is the complete list of stables where you can find Penn:

  • South Akkala Stable – All-Clucking Cucco
  • Highland Stable – An Eerie Voice
  • New Serenne Stable – The Beast and the Princess
  • Outskirt Stable – The Beckoning Woman
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable – The Blocked Well
  • Foothill Stable – For Our Princess!
  • Riverside Stable – Gourmets Gone Missing
  • Wetland Stable – The Missing Farm Tools
  • Dueling Peaks Stable – Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!
  • Woodland Stable – Serenade to a Great Fairy
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable – White Goats Gone Missing
  • Snowfield Stable – Zelda’s Golden Horse

Rewards from Penn in Tears of the Kingdom

After you have tracked down Penn at all of the stables, congratulations, you’re a full-fledged journalist. You’re not going to be on our level, but it’s still commendable. When you finish the quest you’ll want to head to Washa’s Bluff, west of Satori Mountain. This is where Penn is located and finishing the quest will grant you the froggy armor set. You’re going to need this upgraded armor if you want to scale mountains easily.

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