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All Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions in Honkai Star Rail

Mind games to tickle your brain.
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You will encounter some very tricky puzzles while playing the Honkai Star Rail. Among them, you’ll find a Pathfinder Puzzle, a sand table used by members of the Luofu Divination Commission for mind exercises. We present to you the solutions for all of the Pathfinder puzzles.

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Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions

There are a total of nine Pathfinder Puzzles. For each puzzle players complete, they will get a chest filled with all kinds of goods. You’ll find yourself in a maze structure, and your task will be to get the device to the exit from the maze, and you have a limited number of moves to do that.

First, you’ll need to find the Chess Ghost. He will appear on the Green Terrace, in the center of the Garden. Talk to him in order to start solving the puzzles.

Puzzle #1

The first puzzle will start right after you finish the conversation with the Chess Ghost. Your task is to bring the device to the exit in a maximum of 3 moves. Use the following command – forward, left, forward. That way, you will navigate the device to hit the cube in the middle, then the wall, and then head toward the exit.

Before you move to the next puzzle, you’ll first have to collect an ordinary chest as a reward. After you are done, talk to the Chess Ghost again.

Puzzle #2

In the second puzzle, you get 5 moves to navigate the device to the exit of the maze. The pattern of commands for this is forward, left, forward, right, and forward. The device will reach the wall on the other side and eventually reach the exit. Collect your reward and talk to Heliobi in order to proceed to the next challenge.

Puzzle #3

The third puzzle gives you 6 moves to solve it. The command is left, forward, right, back, left, forward. This way, the device will make a large hook and move from the wall of the lone cube in the middle to the exit. Collect the valuable chest as a reward, and you’re done.

Puzzle #4

At this level, you will encounter a push plate, a new kind of mechanic. When you navigate the device through it, the push plate becomes an obstacle.

You have 6 moves available. Go right, forward, left, back, right, and forward. Once that’s done, the device will stumble upon the obstacle and proceed forward to the exit. The ghost will reward you with a chest at the end.

Puzzle #5

In the fifth puzzle, you will have only 4 moves at your disposal. Those moves are forward, right, left, and forward. The device will activate an obstacle and manage to escape from it towards the exit. Again, you will be rewarded with a regular chest for solving the puzzle.

Puzzle #6

You have a maximum of 6 moves to solve the sixth puzzle. Go forward, right, backward, left, right, and forward in order to get the device to move from wall to wall to activate the obstacle. Here, you get a valuable reward for the solution since the ghost will give you a luxurious chest.

Puzzle #7

Now, it gets a little trickier. In the seventh puzzle, you have 5 moves at your disposal, and you’ll stumble upon two push plates. The right moves are forward, backward, right, left, and forward. This way, the device will activate the push plates to spin and form its way to the exit. Once that’s done, you’ll get a regular chest as a reward.

Puzzle #8

The eighth puzzle gives you 6 moves for a solution. The thought pattern is similar to the previous puzzle. Go right, left, forward, left, right, and forward. A valuable chest is your reward for solving puzzle #8.

Puzzle #9

We come to the final Pathfinder Puzzle. As expected, it’s trickier than the previous ones since you have 6 moves at your disposal but also 4 pressure plates in your way. The pattern is left, right, forward, right, left, and forward.

Note the trick that only two plates will be used to reach the exit, and the other two are there simply to confuse the players. When the device reaches the exit, the frustrated ghost will leave, and you’ll get a luxurious chest as a final reward.

How to Find the Pathfinder Challenge?

In order to find the Pathfinder Challenge, you will need to go to the Fyxestroll Garden in the center of the map. When you get there, you’ll have to interact with the Chess Ghost.

Select the first option, “That really can’t be called chess,” when prompted. That’s how you activate the Pathfinder Challenge in Honkai Star Rail.

Awards for Solving Pathfinder Puzzles

In total, you will receive 5 regular, 2 valuable, and 2 luxurious chests for solving all 9 Pathfinder Puzzles. Here are all the resources you get for solving all of the puzzles:

  • 125 Experience Points
  • 2 Traveler’s Guides
  • 10.500 Credits
  • 125 Star Jades
  • 15 Adventure Logs
  • 85 Arrows
  • 6 four-star relics from the set “Wild Wheat Shooter”
  • 25 lost Gold particles

After completing the last level, you will also get 5000 Credits for finishing the Pathfinder quest. For completing all of the levels, you will gain the “Golem, how he came into the world” achievement, which belongs to the “Understand the Unfathomable” section and rewards you with an additional 5 Star Jades.

You will also receive additional rewards in the event menu for completing 6 levels. In the “Patrol” section, you’ll gain 4 traveler’s guides, 3 containers of purified ether, and 4 lost crystals.

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