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All Paralogue Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

That Pact Ring is within sight!
Characters in Fire Emblem Engage
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Fire Emblem Engage comes with so much optional content worth considering despite the challenges it may pose to you. Its Paralogues are no different, so here’s a rundown of all the rewards that you can obtain from fighting in and completing them.

Please note that our list does not include the DLC paralogues as of now. Our list of paralogues consist of both character recruiting and Emblem Ring Bond maximising paralogues that are featured in the base game. Our list also does not consist of the exploration pick-ups players may stumble on upon clearing the objective – these tend to simply be materials such as Ingots that vary in quality. These cannot and will not be missed in getting picked up after the battle unlike missing possible obtainable items from defeating units during the mission.

All Paralogue Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

1 – Chapter 6 – “Budding Talent”Tea-Filled Village (Firene)Jean recruitable
1000 G
Defense Tonic
Energy Drop
Pure Water
2 – Chapter 7 – “Mysterious Merchant”Bandits’ HideoutAnna recruitable
1000 G
Master Seal
Strength Tonic
3 – Chapter 12 – “The Exalt”Arena of the GodsLucina’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
4 – Chapter 13 – “The Lady of the Plains”Plains of Swift WindsLyn’s Max Bond Level unlock
2500 G
5 – Chapter 14 – “The Radiant Hero”Fort of HopeIke’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
6 – Chapter 15 – “The Instructor”Sacred TombByleth’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
7 – Chapter 16 – “The Crux of Fate”Crossroads of FateCorrin’s Max Bond Level unlock
500 G
8 – Chapter 17 – “The Azure Twin”Dark RuinsEirika’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
Second Seal
Seraph Robe
9 – Chapter 18 – “The Holy Knight”River of Light and DarkSigurd’s Max Bond Level unlock
3000 G
Goddess Icon
10 – Chapter 19 – “The Sage Lord”Bridges in a RowLeif’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
Pure Water
Magic Tonic
Speed Wing
11 – Chapter 20 – “The Dawn Maiden”Frozen FortressMicaiah’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
12 – Chapter 21 – “The Young Lion”The Binding GroundsRoy’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
12 – Chapter 22 – “The Caring Princess”Forgotten ShrineCelica’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
13 – Chapter 22 – “The Hero-King”The Broken CastleMarth’s Max Bond Level unlock
1000 G
Secret Book
Speed Tonic
Silver Greataxe
14 – Chapter 23 – “The Connector”Garden of Memories1000 G
Pact Ring

Thank you for reading, we hope our guide was helpful to you. For any further help with the game, check out other articles under it that we have covered such as How to Unlock the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem Engage and Why are Skirmishes So Hard in Fire Emblem Engage? Here’s What to Do. Please also check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook to join the discussion and keep up to date with our content.

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