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All Outfits and How to Unlock Them in The Outlast Trials

Thank god they aren't straitjackets
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It would not be a Multiplayer Horror Game if Cosmetic Items weren’t available to unlock. This appears to the main way in which Video Games of the recent years decide to express their creativity. What with the mass amounts of clothing items and gear available in Hogwarts Legacy, to the regular season updates in Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch that provide new Skins and Camo for players to purchase, it is rare to see a Video Game that does not follow this reward/ purchasing system of Cosmetic Items. For Horror Games however, these act as a way for players, friends or randoms to express themselves and feel closer to their character. As you often cannot wear the outfits that are seen in these types of games, being able to rock a full cyberpunk or dystopian look feels more immersive than a simple tee and pants. For those wanting to stand out in the crowd, this is Vincent’s guide on how to unlock all outfits in The Outlast Trials.

How to Unlock All Outfits in The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials offers players the ability to customize their character’s appearance. Options available are the character’s sex, race and facial construction. Whilst you are unable to add facial hair or go in full detail, editing all facial features, you do have the possibility of unlocking outfits to freshen up your player’s outward appearance. As of the game’s initial release, there are a total of 4 outfits available in The Outlast Trials. With the game being Early Access, these will likely be added throughout the seasons, as the Classified Program changes and players attempt new challenges as part of the Murkoff Program. But players have found that in the Closed Beta’s game files, there are a total of 16 Legendary Outfits up for grabs. Meaning that we should see these released at a later date for participants of the trials.

The current outfits in The Outlast Trials that are available for all players are:

  • Good Doctor
  • Redemption
  • Rusted Llizarov
  • Maverick

These outfits are rewarded to players at particular timestamps in The Outlast Trials. These are by completing the trials in full relating directly to their Program. This means that simply completing the first trial of a Program, for instance inside the Police Station, will not garner the appropriate rewards such as Release Tokens or outfits. For that reason, you will need to complete all trials, progressing in difficulty for all Programs and finally complete Program X. This will need to be done repeatedly until you gain 10 Release Tokens to see the game’s ending. All outfits are rewarded to players upon becoming a Reborn (finishing the game). Keep in mind however that you will need to be reborn four times to unlock all of the current outfits available in The Outlast Trials. Once these are open within the Character Customization screen, underneath Outfits, you will have to purchase these for a price of 10,000.

Money can be collected through completing trials. For these Legendary Outfit prices, you will need to regularly get high grades across the Programs in order to afford a single outfit. Remember that these outfits are only unlocked through completing the game, but you will only get one outfit unlocked at a time. So that means that you will need to get a total of 40 Release Tokens in order to get access to the outfits, to then pay a total of 40,000 to buy and use them.

That was our guide on how to unlock outfits in The Outlast Trials. For other Outlast guides, feel free to check out our related over at Gamer Journalist, viewable here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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