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How to get to Momo’s House at the orange neon sign in Stray

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After arriving in The Slums and speaking with Guardian, players can show him a picture they find earlier in the game. The Guardian will send you in pursuit of Momo, a local robot who was formerly obsessed with “The Outside.” He tells you that Momo leaves near a large orange neon sign, so in this guide, we will show you how to get there.

How to get to Momo’s House in Stray

To get to Momo’s house, players will need to head left from Guardian and walk down the stairs. Just before you get to the guitar-playing robot, turn to the left, and you will see an ally. Jump on the dumpster, then start climbing up. You will come to a ledge in front of some art, and you can scan it as a memory.

Keep climbing up by jumping between the various air conditioning units, pipes, and canopies, and you will eventually get to the top. This will leave you just in front of the building with the orange neon sign and Momo’s apartment.

From here, walk toward the building and stay on top of the tin roof to the left. You will come to an air conditioning unit that you can jump up to. Keep jumping up the wall, and you’ll come to the small balcony of Momo’s house.

Jump inside and speak with Momo, and you will need to show them the postcard that you found earlier in the game in order to find out what to do next. Momo will end up giving you a notebook and task you with finding three notebooks from his friends.

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