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binding of isaac rebirth
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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth comes with a plethora of items to stumble upon – both good and bad. Here are all 341 items in the game and their exact usages.

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This guide is a work in progress to compile all of the passive/useable items in the game.

All Items in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  1. <3 – +1 Health Up. Fully restores all red hearts.
  2. ???’s Only Friend – Spawns a controllable familiar fly.
  3. 1Up – Grants an extra life to the player.
  4. 20/20 – The player now shoots two tears.
  5. 3 Dollar Bill – Randomizes your tears for every room.
  6. 9 Volt – Reduces charge times by one.
  7. Abaddon – Gives you 6 black hearts and tears now have the possibility of inflicting fear. Damage Up, Speed Up, and Evil Up.
  8. Abel – Spawns a familiar that mirrors the player’s movements and shoots in the opposite direction.
  9. Anarchist Cookbook – Spawns 6 troll bombs randomly.
  10. Anemic – Range Up and grants Isaac toxic blood.
  11. Ankh – Isaac respawns as Blue Baby.
  12. Anti-Gravity – Anti Gravity tears and Tears Up.
  13. Aquarius – Leaves a trail of tears behind the player that deals damage to enemies.
  14. Aries – Speed Up and grants the player to deal damage upon enemy contact.
  15. Ball Of Bandages – Spawns an orbital that can evolve, granting a chance of charming enemies.
  16. Ball of Tar – Leaves a trail of tar behind the player that slows enemies and projectiles. Tears can now possibly trigger slowing enemies and their projectiles down.
  17. Battery – Usable items can now be overcharged.
  18. BBF – Spawns a respawn-able familiar fly that explodes on contact with enemies.
  19. Bean – Poison any nearby enemy.
  20. Belt – Speed Up.
  21. Best Bud – Spawns a fly orbital when the player takes damage.
  22. Best Friend – Distracts enemies as a doll that explodes.
  23. BFFS! – All of the player’s familiars become larger, giving them bigger damage radius.
  24. Big Fan – Spawns an orbital that blocks shots and deals contact damage.
  25. Bible – The player can now fly.
  26. Black Bean – Causes the player to fart poison gas when they take damage.
  27. Black Candle – Evil Up – grants curse immunity.
  28. Black Lotus – Health Up.
  29. Blank Card – Stacks the same effect as current card in hand.
  30. Blood Bag – Health Up. Fully restores all red heart containers.
  31. Blood Clot – Damage Up and Range Up.
  32. Blood Of The Martyr – +1.0 Damage Up.
  33. Bloody Lust – Damage Up for the rest of the floor when the player takes damage.
  34. Blue Cap – Health Up, Tears Up, and Shot Speed Down.
  35. Blue Map – Reveals the current and future locations of Secret Rooms and Super Secret Rooms.
  36. Bob’s Brain – Spawns a familiar that launches in the direction you shoot at that explodes on contact with enemies.
  37. Bob’s Curse – All bombs have a poisoning effect. Grants 5 bombs with poisoning effect.
  38. Bobby-Bomb – Grants 5 bombs with homing effect.
  39. Body – +3 Health Up.
  40. Bogo Bombs – All bomb pick-ups contain 2 bombs.
  41. Bomb Bag – Spawns a familiar that drops bomb pickups every few rooms.
  42. Boom! – Grants 10 bombs.
  43. Box – Grants a card, pill, and trinket.
  44. Blood Rights – Revokes a single half-heart from the player to damage all enemies in a room.
  45. Bob’s Rotten Head – Poisons and damages all foes it is thrown in the vicinity of.
  46. Book Of Belial – Damage Up for the current room only.
  47. Book Of Revelations – Adds 1 soul heart and increases the chances for the boss to be a horseman.
  48. Book Of Secrets – Players obtain any of these three items: Treasure Map, Compass, or Blue Map.
  49. Book Of Shadows – Grants invulnerability for 10 seconds.
  50. Book Of Sin – Spawns a random pick-up.
  51. Boomerang – Stuns and damages foes that it is thrown at.
  52. Box Of Spiders – Spawns 2-4 friendly critters.
  53. Breath Of Life – Immune to tear damage for a certain amount of time.
  54. Butter Bean – Farts on nearby enemies and knocks them away from the player.
  55. Breakfast – Health Up.
  56. Brimstone – Beam attack in place of tears.
  57. Broken Watch – Upon entering a new room, there is a chance all enemies will be sped up or slowed down.
  58. Brother Bobby – Spawns a familiar that shoots 3.5 tear damage.
  59. Bucket Of Lard – +2 Health Up and Speed Down.
  60. Bum Friend – Spawns a familiar that collects nearby coins and potentially drop a random pick-up.
  61. Butt Bombs – Grants 5 bombs that dazes enemies.
  62. Caffeine Pill – Speed Up. Player Size Down. Gives the player a random pill.
  63. Cain’s Other Eye – Spawns a bouncy, tear throwing familial.
  64. Cancer – Grants 3 soul hearts.
  65. Capricorn – All Stats Up and provides 1 key, 1 bomb, and 1 coin.
  66. Cat-O-Nine-Tails – Damage Up and Shot Speed Up.
  67. Celtic Cross – If the player takes damage, there is a chance they will be invulnerable.
  68. Ceremonial Robes – Grants Sin Up and 3 black hearts.
  69. Champion Belt – Damage Up.
  70. Charm Of The Vampire – Heals half a red heart upon killing a few enemies.
  71. Chemical Peel – Stacks damage up depending on tear amount.
  72. Chocolate Milk – The player can now charge shots for more damage by holding down the fire button.
  73. Common Cold – Tears have a random chance of being poisonous.
  74. Compass – Reveals the majority of icons on the map.
  75. Contract From Below – Doubles pick-up drops.
  76. Cricket’s Body – Tears Up and Range Down.
  77. Cricket’s Head – +0.5 Damage Up. Tears gain additional knockback effect.
  78. Cube Of Meat – Spawns an orbital that damages enemies and blocks tears.
  79. Cupid’s Arrow – The players’ Tears now come out of the target upon impact.
  80. Cursed Eye – Tears are now chargeable.
  81. Candle – Allows for laser type damaging – funnels into a single path.
  82. Converter – 2 soul/black hearts in place of 1 red heart container.
  83. Crack The Sky – Overhead attacks come down from above on enemies randomly.
  84. Crystal Ball – Reveals the entire map and grants the player a random tarot card/soul heart.
  85. D4 – Rerolls all items you currently have.
  86. D6 – Rerolls any items into another item.
  87. D10 – Rerolls all enemies in the room.
  88. D20 – Rerolls all pick-ups in the room with another random pick-up.
  89. D100 – Rerolls all items you currently own and any items/pick-ups in the room.
  90. Dad’s Key – Opens all closed doors in the current room, with some exclusions.
  91. Dead Sea Scrolls – Random usable item effect.
  92. Deck Of Cards – Gives a random tarot card.
  93. Doctor’s Remote – Allows for a missile usage.
  94. Daddy Longlengs – Spawns a familiar.
  95. Dark Bum – Spawns a familiar.
  96. Dark Matter – Damage Up and Tears now can have the fear element.
  97. Dead Bird – If the player takes damage, a familiar is spawned that attacks nearby enemies for the duration of the room.
  98. Dead Cat – Get 8 extra lives for having only 1 Heart remain.
  99. Dead Dove – Gives the player flight and spectral tears.
  100. Dead Onion – Tears become piercing. Range Up and Shot Speed Down.
  101. Death’s Touch – Damage Up and Tears Down. Tears are now able to penetrate enemies.
  102. Demon Baby – Spawns a familiar.
  103. Dessert – +1 Health Up
  104. Dinner – +1 Health Up
  105. Distant Admiration – Spawns a fly orbital that deals contact damage.
  106. Dollar – Gives the player 99 coins.
  107. Dr. Fetus – The player now shoots bombs from their eyes instead of tears.
  108. Dry Baby – Spawns a familiar.
  109. E Coli – Enemies become poop.
  110. Epic Fetus – Tears now become controllable.
  111. Eve’s Mascara – x2 Damage, Shot Speed Down, and Tears Down.
  112. Experimental Treatment – Increases all stats by 1 and swaps them around.
  113. Fanny Pack – When the player takes damage, there is a chance he will drop a pick-up item.
  114. Fate – Grants the player flight and an eternal heart.
  115. Fire Mind – Tears now set enemies on fire, damaging them over time.
  116. Forever Alone – Spawns an orbital that deals contact damage.
  117. Flush! – Enemies become poop.
  118. Forget Me Now – Refreshes all existing elements of the current room.
  119. Gamekid – Turns the player into pacman.
  120. Guppy’s Head – Spawns several friendly flies.
  121. Guppy’s Paw – Replaces 1 red heart container with 3 soul hearts.
  122. Gemini – Spawns an orbital that is attached to the player.
  123. Ghost Baby – Spawns a familiar that shoots spectral tears.
  124. Gimpy – When the player takes damage, there is a chance a soul heart or black heart will drop.
  125. Gnawed Leaf – Standing still for a second will turn the player into stone.
  126. Goat Head – Grants the player a Devil Room or Angel Room to appear after each floor.
  127. Godhead – Damage Up, Range Up, Tears Down, and Shot Speed Down.
  128. Growth Hormones – Damage Up and Speed Up.
  129. Guardian Angel – Spawns an orbital.
  130. Guillotine – Damage Up and Tears Up.
  131. Guppy’s Collar – 50% chance to respawn with half a red heart upon death.
  132. Guppy’s Hair Ball – Spawns a familiar.
  133. Guppy’s Tail – Greatly increases chance of finding chests.
  134. Habit – When the player takes damage, your usable item is charged with 1 charge.
  135. Halo, The – Health Up, Damage Up, Tears Up, Range Up, and Speed Up.
  136. Halo Of Flies – Spawns 2 fly orbitals that block enemy shots.
  137. Harlequin Baby – Spawns a familiar that shoots 2 tears in two diagonal directions.
  138. Headless Baby – Spawns a familiar.
  139. Hive Mind – All friendly blue flies and spiders become bigger and do more damage.
  140. Holy Grail – Grants flight and Health Up.
  141. Holy Mantle – Grants negation for one instance of damage for the current room.
  142. Holy Water – Spawns a familiar.
  143. Hot Bombs – Grants 5 bombs.
  144. Humbling Bundle – All consumables now drop stacked (up to two).
  145. Head Of Krampus – Shoot Brimstone in all directions.
  146. Hourglass – Slows down all enemies and their attacks in the current room.
  147. How To Jump – Player now able to jump, even dash.
  148. Isaac’s Tears – Fires 8 tears in a circle around him.
  149. IV Bag – Takes a red half-heart and spawns some coins.
  150. Infamy – High chance of negating damage from the front of the player.
  151. Infestation – If the player takes damage, ally flies will spawn.
  152. Infestations 2 – 1-2 ally fiends spawn upon player death.
  153. Inner Eye – Tears Down significantly. The player now shoots 3 tears.
  154. IPECAC – Tears are replaced with poison tear-like bombs.
  155. Iron Bar – Damage Up. Tears now have a chance to concuss enemies.
  156. Isaac’s Heart – Spawns a familiar that follows behind the player.
  157. Jesus Juice – Damage Up and Range Up.
  158. Judas’ Shadow – When you die, you will respawn in the previous room with 2 black hearts and gain a Damage Up.
  159. Juicy Sack – Possibility to spawn friendly critters upon clearing rooms.
  160. Jar – Picks up hearts while at full health.
  161. Kamikaze! – Causes the player to explode and lose 1 heart as a result and injures near-by enemies.
  162. Key Piece 1 – Game progression key item, part 1.
  163. Key Piece 2 – Game progression key item, part 2.
  164. Ladder – Allows the player to walk across gaps in tiles.
  165. Latch Key – Grants a soul heart and Luck Up. Spawns 2 keys.
  166. Lazarus’ Rags – The player respawns after dying with 1 heart and the Anemic item.
  167. Leech – Spawns a familiar that attacks enemies and heals the player.
  168. Leo – The player can now destroy breakable objects by approaching it.
  169. Libra – Grants 6 keys, 6 bombs, and 6 coins.
  170. Lil’ Brimstone – Spawns a familiar with Brimstone firing.
  171. Lil’ Haunt – Spawns a fear inducing familiar that follows the player and damages nearby enemies.
  172. Little Baggy – Allows 2 pills to be held and spawns a pill as well as turning all tarot cards into pills.
  173. Little C.H.A.D. – Spawns a familiar that drops half a red heart every two rooms.
  174. Little Chubby – Spawns a familiar that charges forward and destroys whatever is in its path.
  175. Little Gish – Spawns a familiar that shoots out black tears, slowing down enemy and projectiles.
  176. Little Steve – Spawns a familiar that shoots out homing tears.
  177. Loki’s Horns – The player has a chance to fire 3 more tears in cardinal directions when they shoot a tear.
  178. Lord Of The Pit – Grants flight.
  179. Lost Contact – Shot Speed Down and tears now block enemy attacks.
  180. Lucky Foot – Grants a higher chance to win.
  181. Ludovico Technique – Tears are replaced with a controllable large tear.
  182. Lump Of Coal – Increase in size and damage.
  183. Lunch – Health Up.
  184. Lemon Mishap – Drops a damage point that injures enemies.
  185. Magic Fingers – Damages all enemies in the room for a price of 1 coin.
  186. Mom’s Bottle Of Pills – Gives a random pill.
  187. Mom’s Bra – Freezes all enemies.
  188. Mom’s Pad – Enemies are subject to fear – runs away from Isaac.
  189. Monster Manual – Spawns a random familiar for the room.
  190. Monstro’s Tooth – Monstro targets a random enemy in the room, dealing massive damage.
  191. Mr. Boom – Drops a large bomb which explodes after several seconds.
  192. My Little Unicorn – Speed Up and grants the player invulnerability.
  193. Maggy’s Bow – Health Up. All future red hearts heal for double.
  194. Magic 8 Ball – Shot Speed Up. Spawns a random tarot card.
  195. Magic Mushroom – Health Up, Damage Up, Range Up, and Speed Up. Enlarges Isaac and fully restores all red heart containers.
  196. Magic Scab – Health Up and Luck Up.
  197. Magneto – All pick-up on the floor move toward the player.
  198. Mark, The – Damage Up and Speed Up. Grants a soul heart.
  199. Match Book – Grants 3 bombs and a black heart.
  200. MEAT! – Damage Up and Health Up.

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