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How to Get Liberty Cap in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Making or breaking your time in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth with passive items

Binding of Isaac has plenty of unique and unusual elements to its gameplay and design, with one of its many passive items being the topic of today’s article. In this challenging, randomly generated, action packed roguelike, exploring every floor and level will pave your way to success but never get too ahead of yourself since losing such valuable progression will always be a possible reality for each and every player. Keep a look out for the most valuable of items and deduce which you should be holding onto before you progress your way through the game. Namely, in the case of the Liberty Ballcap right here.

How to Get Liberty Ballcap in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Liberty Ballcap has made an appearance in multiple Binding of Isaac game, so its functionality tends to differ with each title. So in Rebirth specifically, players will be able to obtain it by chance upon it dropping off when destroying mushrooms.

These mushrooms are typically found from chapter 2 and in the following rooms:

  • Caves
  • Catacombs
  • Ashpit
  • Flooded Caves
  • Mines
  • Secret Room

These mushrooms can only be destroyed with bombs, another randomly generated pick-up item, so backtrack when you can to destroy mushrooms whenever you spot them. Make each find count since the Liberty Cap only has a 2.50% chance of dropping in each run!

What does the Liberty Ballcap do?

A Liberty Ballcap is one of the passive items players will be able to find in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. These passive items have a specific term in the game called Trinkets – items that provide passive bonuses but only one can be held at each time.

The Liberty cap grants the player a 25% chance of giving Isaac a random passive effect from one of the following passive items:

  • Mini Mush – Shrinks Isaac down and increases his Speed by 0.3 and Range by 3.25
  • Odd Mushroom (Large) – Enlarges Isaac’s head reduces his Speed by 0.1, gives him an additional Heart Container and increases his Damage by 0.3 and Range by 2.75.
  • Odd Mushroom (Thin) – Shrinks Isaac’s head, increases his Speed by 0.3 and increases Tears by 1.7.

It will also consider one of the following depending on which DLC you have on-hand/installed:

  • The Compass
  • Blue Cap
  • God’s Flesh
  • Magic Mushroom

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