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All Hidden Cache Locations in Aliens Fireteam Elite

There are many, but it's worth finding them all.
Aliens Fireteam Elite
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Hidden Caches are normal-sized orange crates with two yellow lights on each bottom corner. They contain three items, mostly a weapon attachment, such as an emote, a cosmetic, challenge cards, and consumables. In most cases, you will get a unique item, with the exception of consumables.

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Where Are Caches in Alien Fireteam Elite?

The Cache will spawn in every level in a random location. The locations are fixed and can typically be found by looking behind you as you progress toward the marker, with few exceptions.

Hidden Caches produce specific sounds when you come near them. Be aware that you won’t recognize the sounds until you’ve heard them for the first time. And also, you won’t be able to hear them during speech or combat.

The first sound resembles the drum sound, and it is very low-pitched. When you get really close to the Hidden Cache, you will hear the monitor making a printing sound. They can really help you to locate the Caches easily.

Priority One


  • On the opposite side of the first door you are told to cut through, Hidden Cache is behind the blue box, right behind you.
  • In the first Working Joe area in the objective “Unlock Exits,” go to the second room on the left side. Hidden Cache will be located in the opposite corner of the room.
  • When you are on the “Prepare for Battle” objective, search for the stairs near the Facehugger and go down. Head towards the table under the pile of tires, and behind it, you will find a Hidden Cache.
  • After the Drone ambush, you will find two Hidden Caches. Both are located inside the Working Joe area. The first one is on the left side of the Working Joe area.
  • The second Hidden Cache is found on the right side of the same Working Joe area, behind the flatbed.
  • During the Ammo Box ambush, there will also be two Caches.
  • For the first one, go downstairs, and it will be in the far left corner.
  • The second one is upstairs – before you leave the area, turn around, and a Hidden Cache will be behind boxes.
  • When you enter a huge cooling room with safety rails, turn left, and you will discover a Hidden Cache on the floor.
  • After the cooling room, go past the bursters. Be cautious because there is a possibility that enemies will spawn to your left. Make sure to seize the chance to collect the Hidden Cache because if you go through the next door to the final defense point, you can’t go back.


  • When you enter the defense area of the objective “Override Door Lockdown,” go up the stairs on the left. After you reach the top of the stairs, a Hidden Cache will be behind the consoles in front of you.
  • There is another Hidden Cache in the same objective. Climb the stairs on the right as you enter the area, then turn left, and a Cache will be located up against the wall.
  • While searching for the valve, you will find as many as three Hidden Caches. For the first one, go left twice to find the first valve room. The Hidden Cache will be on the right wall.
  • Also, check the left wall for another one.
  • The third one is on the left side of the next room you enter.
  • Just before the room where you override the door locks and meet Monica, you will encounter several groups of enemies. After defeating them, move to the exit and, in the process, check the left and right side tunnels.
  • After you’ve had your first conversation with Monica, go down from the ammo box to the maze of crates, turn right on the first occasion, and the Cache will be on the left.
  • There are two additional Hidden Caches in this area, the first one in front of a vent, behind the large crate.
  • The second one is located to the left of the crate, on the balcony.
  • When you are about to leave the areadon’t! Instead of entering the area covered by red lights, go left to avoid exiting, then turn right, and you’ll find a Hidden Cache next to a door.


  • When you exit the sewers, turn right and go across the bridge. Hidden Cache is located next to a blue barrel and under a crate.
  • Inside the next area, before you go through the waypoint door, turn right and then another right until you reach a dead end.
  • During the “Prepare for Battle” objective, go down the stairs on your right. You’ll find the Hidden Cache next to the piles of pipes.
  • After you pass the door with the code “download synth data,” go to the end and look inside the doorway to the right, where the Hidden Cache will be filling it.
  • In the Beltway area, exactly below the beltway, check the red meters in the middle for a Hidden Cache.
  • Under the “Investigate Hangar Delta” objective, go left before the loading arm and then up the stairs behind you that lead to the tower control room. The Hidden Cache is right in front of the closed door.
  • In the next area, there will be a long corridor with red lights on the side. Turn right just before the waypoint door and follow the corridor where you will find the Hidden Cache.

Giants in the Earth


  • When you find yourself in the large cavern, turn at the right angle from the ammo box, and the Hidden Cache will be against the wall.
  • In the area with large pipes and a Radioactive Spitter, go all the way to the back, and it will be hidden around the left corner of the wall.
  • In the area after the previous one, go through the corridor on the left, and the Hidden Cache will be there.
  • When you notice a concrete pool with a cable hanging in the middle inside the hole, you’ll find what you are looking for.
  • Before you leave the corridor with a cable in the middle of it, turn left to the dead end, where you will find a Hidden Cache.


  • The next Hidden Cache is in a tunnel after the giant head. It is located just after the next waypoint. Take the second right in that tunnel, and you’ll find it behind a wall.
  • Under the objective “Prepare for Battle,” behind the first wall. Note that the Hidden Cache will be on the right if you turn around and on the left as you enter.
  • During the same objective, go against the right side of this area, and Cache will be hidden behind a bush.
  • In the open area in the objective “Synth vs Xenosbefore the exit on the right, turn left, and Hidden Cache will be in the left corner of that balcony.
  • When you reach the large open room, turn left, and the Hidden Cache is waiting for you against the left wall.


  • After the first battle with Synth & Xenos, around 30 meters before the exit, go down the stairs in the middle under the exit. The Hidden Cache will be on the right.
  • The next one is in the room with giant faces and a well. Turn right and go up the lower stairs.
  • In the first intel of “Collect and Attach Synth Core,” go up the stairs next to the exit and turn left. It’s located against the balcony wall.
  • Above a filled well, there is an Ammo box. Take the stairs behind you to the left. Follow them, then go right and check the dark corner. Be aware that you are on a possible minefield!
  • In the Working Joe’s trap room, there is a Hidden Cache in the lower area on the left, just before the stairs.
  • In “Cynthia Reveal”, on a location over the endless drop turn left around 40 meters before the objective, and the Hidden Cache will be against the right wall. There is another one in the same location, but it’s at the top against the right wall.

The Gift of Fire


  • In the first large area of “Investigate Holograms,” go left, and you’ll find a Hidden Cache on the right, next to a blue cylinder light opposite the exit.
  • In “Prepare for Battle/LIDAR,” cross the bridge, and it’ll be in the bridge’s left corner.
  • At the little blank control panel and ammo box in “Investigate Anomaly,” turn right and go up the stairs behind you, where you’ll find it at the top of the stairs.
  • After the hologram room in “Prepare for Battle,” go right, and you’ll pass right in front of it before the room opens up to the defense area.


  • In a long open corridor with two walkways, go to the higher one, and on the left, you’ll find the Hidden Cache next to tripods.
  • After the second Instrumentality, head right of the objective and take the small ramp. The Cache will be visible as soon as you enter.
  • In the large room after that, Cache will be in front and in the back of the area, a little below.


  • The first Hidden Cache is in a room with a hologram spaceship. Go around the hologram, and you will find the cache in the corner of the table.
  • After you pass the previous room, you will find Engineers on your right. Don’t go through the door, but instead go left, and next to the console with green buttons, you will find the Hidden Cache.
  • Shortly after you pass the round room, instead of going right to the waypoint, turn left. There, you should see and hear the next Hidden Cache.

The Only Way To Be Sure


  • Under the objective “Hack Door Systems,” at about 35 meters from the waypoint, there will be a Hidden Cache on your left side, next to some barrels, a rail stand, and a cylinder. You’ll hear the sound and surely can’t miss it.
  • In a small room with two levels, located after the long stairway, you will find the cache on the right side when you enter, inside a doorway.
  • When you stumble upon a large guard room, in the far back of it and left to the stairs, you will find a Hidden Cache.
  • In the part of the mission, when you find alien eggs, turn right three times, pass the loading arm above you, and behind the big crate, you’ll find the Hidden Cache.


  • At the start of the mission, there is a large area with a webbed ceiling. Go back about 50 meters from the waypoint, turn left, and you’ll find a Hidden Cache in a closed doorway against the wall.
  • After exiting the first room, in the tunnel near the waypoint, turn right, and you’ll see the cache.
  • In the same area, on your way to the door, turn left, go past the boxes, and it will be there, near the Intel.
  • Under the “Take Dogtags” objective, look left of the ammo box, and the Hidden Cache will be directly in front of you.


  • After you pass the first door, go through the short tunnel past the next door. Head forward instead of turning right towards the waypoint and it’ll be on the left.
  • In the room after the elevator, the Hidden Cache will be behind the pipe on the right.

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