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All Endings in Silent Hill 4

What ending did you unlock?
Silent Hill 4
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There have been plenty of video games that offer multiple endings after you complete them. Some of those endings are considered the “bad” ones or “good” ones. In Silent Hill 4, there are four endings, each with different outcomes. If you’re interested in completing games entirely and want to know how to obtain each ending, you’re in luck. We will show you all the conclusions you can earn in Silent Hill 4.

What are the Good Endings in Silent Hill 4?

There are a total of 4 endings you can come across as you’re playing Silent Hill 4 that are labeled good. The two best endings you can earn in Silent Hill 4 are “escape” and “mother,” and they’re obtainable by saving Eileen, your neighbor, and her apartment. The first ending, known as “escape,” requires you to clear 80% of hauntings from Eileen’s apartment. You also have to make sure she doesn’t die by completing the final battle without her passing away.

The second ending that’s considered the next best good ending is known as “Mother”. This ending can be unlocked by doing all the requirements we mentioned above, as well as looking out for Eileen. This can be done by staying close to her, taking down enemies immediately, and making sure she’s not alone in a room with enemies.

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What are the Bad Endings in Silent Hill 4?

The last endings you can find in Silent Hill 4 are titled “Eileen’s Death” and “21 Sacraments“. These are considered the two worst endings you can possibly get in Silent Hill 4. In order to get “Eileen’s Death” ending, you will need to have Eileen die in a blood pool during the final boss battle. You will also need to make sure the hauntings in the apartment are cleared (at least 80%). You basically need to do the opposite of what we listed above. This includes having hauntings attack her, leaving her alone, and allowing her to get possessed.

Finally, the last ending known as “21 Sacraments,” is considered the worst ending you can earn. Forget dealing with the hauntings or making sure Eileen is safe. You’re going to want to let her become possessed, and you’re going not to want to get rid of all the hauntings in the room. If you manage not to clear 80% of the room of hauntings, you can easily unlock the worst possible ending in Silent Hill 4.

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