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All Endings in Dishonored 2

Many ways to conclude the story.
Dishonored 2
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Dishonored 2 continues the story exactly where the first game ended. Corvo is watching over the rule of Empress Emily Kaldwin. However, at the beginning of the sequel, Empress Emily is overthrown by the witch Delilah Copperspoon. In the sequel, you can play as either Corvo or Emily and try to retake the throne.

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Dishonored 2 Endings Overview

The first Dishonored game had multiple endings, depending on the decisions you were making as Corvo. The level of chaos Corvo left behind decided the ending’s tone. The sequel goes in a bit of a different way. There are many ending possibilities depending on various factors. This article will present all the possible endings in Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2’s chaos scale is where all but one of the ending options lie, and some of them depend on whether you choose to play as Corvo or Emily. What defines chaos in that game is the number of people you kill, particularly named characters. The main question at the end is who will rule the Karnaca.

Corvo Rules Over Karnaca

Only if you decide to play as Corvo and avoid making any deals with the Howlers gang, the Abbey of the Everyman, or Duke Luca Abele’s body double during the tale campaign will you be able to establish Corvo’s authority over Karnaca. Emily will also need to be saved. If you accomplish this with minimal or no casualties, Corvo’s rule over Karnaca will be fair and peaceful. However, it would be a ruthless dictatorship if you cut a bloody path across Karnaca and eliminated every major target.

The Abbey Of The Everyman Rules Over Karnaca

To achieve this sending, Corvo or Emily have to make a deal with the Abbey of the Everyman. This also means Corvo or Emily should remove the Duke and his Body Double. If Corvo or Emily cooperates with the Abbey, Vice Overseer Liam Byrne will take charge of Karnaca. Depending on the chaos level during the gameplay, his rule may vary from ruthless to more balanced.

The Howlers Rule Over Karnaca

In Serkonos, the capital of Karnaca, there is a street gang known as The Howlers. If Corvo or Emily can reach an agreement with them, that means The Duke and his Body Double are eliminated. After the narrative, Paolo, the leader of the Howlers, can be appointed as the new head of Karnaca. The severity of his rule is, again, determined by the chaos you spread throughout the game.

The Body Double Rules Over Karnaca

One of the biggest concerns while dealing with Duke Luca Abele is what to do with his body double. Many things become possible if this Body Double is kept alive. The Body Double can be persuaded to rule Karnaca with generosity and compassion if he strikes a deal with Emily or Corvo. If he survives but is not contacted, he lives an opulent and self-centered life, making use of his privilege as the Duke’s Body Double. The Body Double will share the rule with Byrne or Paolo, respectively, if he survives and the player strikes a deal with the Body Double and either the Abbey or the Howlers.

The Council Rules Over Karnaca

This ending is very hard to get, and you need to do a lot of things to achieve it. You have to offer the Body Double a deal, save Hypatia at the Oracular Order, avoid siding with the Howlers or the Abbey, and leave Kirin Jindosh and Breanna Ashworth alive. As a result, Karnaca is ruled by The Council. The Duke’s Body Double, Hypatia, Paolo, Byrne, and Aramis Stilton (assuming he survived) make up this group.

Chaos Takes Over Karnaca

This is the most Chaos Reigns ending in the game. To achieve it as Emily, kill everyone who could lead Karnaca, such as the Duke, his Body Double, Paolo, and Liam Byrne. Then, at the end of the game, decide to not save Corvo. Karnaca descends into anarchy, devastation, and carnage as a result. Corvo allows for the same, and it’s very much the same outcome. At the end of the campaign, Corvo kills anybody who could lead Karnaca and decides not to save Emily from Delilah.

Corvo Takes Over Dunwall

This is another highly chaotic ending with Corvo. To get it, you need to go through the game, killing everyone you can, including Emily and Delilah. Corvo then becomes the new tyrannical emperor of Dunwall known as Corvo the Black. Not very optimistic, is it?

Emily Rules Over Dunwall

This outcome is the most frequent out of all possible playthroughs, but some details might change depending on the chaos level and Corvo’s presence. Corvo could be absent either because Emily didn’t save him or because he is the ruler of Karnaca. At the end of Dishonored 2, she is referred to as Emily the Just or Emily the Clever, depending on how benevolent she is. If she fails to save Corvo during the high chaos playthrough, she will be called Emily the Butcher, and if she saves him, Emily the Vengeful.

Dishonored 2 has a lot of different ending options depending on your play style and your choices of factions to join. For more related content, try out our articles about Top 10 Best Stealth Games For Rogue Class Mains and Top 10 Best Video Games With A Female Lead.

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