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All DMZ Key Tier List, Ranked

There are a lot of them, so prepare yourself.
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Finding small items that are quite valuable in raid type of matches will lead you to either something extremely valuable or to a dead end. That is the role of all the keys available in DMZ, the extraction sandbox mode available in Warzone 2. You will find a lot of different secrets and rooms that will reward you with different types of rewards that can substantially impact on your progress in-game. So, knowing the key’s value, location and what they unlock is something that can be considered very helpful. For that reason, here is the DMZ key tier list in Warzone 2.

All DMZ Key Tier List

Once you find these keys, each of them will grant you access to a secluded or secret room or area that carry several types of rewards. The more rewards and more valuable they are, the best place the keys are placed in. So, I would suggest giving priority to the keys belonging to the S, A, and B tiers. These will grant you severe amounts of rewards, so be sure to collect them as soon as possible. Continue reading to know all DMZ key tier list in Warzone 2.

S-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
Al Bagra UndergroundUnlocks fortress. +12 supply boxes.
Downtown Post OfficeUnlocks fortress. 6-8 supply boxes, loot.
Kushaak Construction WarehouseUnlocks fortress in Quarry. 6 supply boxes, loot.
Mawizeh Resort Main BuildingUnlocks fortress. 6-8 supply boxes, loot.
Old Lighthouse Citadel RoomUnlocks back room of southern lighthouse, Sarrif Bay. 4 supply boxes, loot.
Police Armory / Police LockerUnlocks one police armory and gun cages inside. 6-8 weapon lockers.
US EmbassyUnlocks fortress. 6-8 supply boxes, loot.
Sunken Ship Thief CacheUnlocks cache on the smaller sunken ship. Golden Skull of Al Bagra Minor.

A-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
Art MuseumUnlocks fortress. 6-8 supply boxes, loot.
Ch 7 Editorial DepartmentUnlocks multiroom at top floor of the CH 7 TV tower, Al Mazrah city. Multiple supply boxes, loot.
Chemical Storage WarehouseUnlocks warehouse, south of Quarry. 1-2 supply crates, loot.
Control TowerUnlocks fortress. 6-8 supply boxes, loot.
Crane Control Room2 supply boxes, loot.
Police AcademyUnlocks fortress. 4-6 supply boxes, loot.
Sattiq Poppy Farmer’s HouseUnlocks house, above poppy fields, Sattiq Cave Complex. 1 supply box, loot.
Zaya Radar DomeUnlocks large dome building, Zaya Observatory. 4 supply crates, loot.

B-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
Airport MaintenanceUnlocks back door, Airport fortress. 1-2 supply boxes, loot.
Al Safwa Stone Block Office Unlocks two-room office. 1 supply crate, loot.
Canal Apartment 103Unlocks apartment, Al Mazrah city. 1 supply box, loot.
Caretaker’s House KeyUnlocks three-room house, north of Al Sammam Cemetery. 1 supply box, loot.
Deckhand’s ToolboxUnlocks single toolbox. Loot.
Downtown Post Office Secure RoomUnlocks single room, Downtown Post Office fortress. One supply box, loot. Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache key.
Groundskeeper’s ShackUnlocks tool shed, east Sarrif Bay resort. 1 supply box, loot.
Sawah Crypto Mining Farm KeyUnlocks apartment room on top floor of a building, Sawah Village. One supply box, loot.
Special Ops Relay StationUnlocks small office, south of Hafid Port. 1 supply crate, loot.
Under Freeway East WarehouseUnlocks warehouse, east part of map, under highway overpass. 1 supply crate, loot.
Zarqwa Red Village ApartmentUnlocks apartment at second floor of a red building, Zarqwa. Loot.

C-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
ABF Antiquities OfficeUnlocks a single room. 1-2 supply boxes, loot.
Al Bagra Officer’s QuartersUnlocks two rooms, upper Al Bagra. 1 supply box per room, loot.
Al Sharim Pass Elder’s RoomUnlocks single room, upper Al Sharim Pass. 1-2 supply boxes, loot.
Bank of Adal Top Floor OfficeUnlocks single office, top floor, Sawah Village bank. 1 supply box, loot.
Cavern Boat Dock ShackUnlocks single shack, Sattiq underground river cave. 1 supply box, loot.
Central Sa’id Top Floor ApartmentUnlocks singe apartment, Sa’id City. 1 supply box, loot.
Central Zaya Meeting RoomUnlocks single room, Zaya Observatory office. 1 supply crate, loot.
Mawizeh Power Control SubstationUnlocks small control room, north shore, Mawizeh. 1 supply crate, loot.
Police Academy Private Locker RoomUnlocks locker room, secondary Police Academy. 1-2 supply boxes, loot.
Police Academy Server AdminUnlocks server admin room, secondary Police Academy building. 1 supply box, loot.
South Zaya Scientist ApartmentUnlocks top floor apartment, south of large dome, Zaya Observatory. 1 supply box, loot.
Taraq Smuggler’s OfficeUnlocks an office, undamaged building, Taraq north. 1 supply box, loot.
West Zarqwa Safe HouseUnlocks top floor, two-story building, west of the southern bridge, Zarqwa Hydro. 1 supply box, loot.
Yum Yum Burger Back RoomUnlocks back kitchen, Yum Yum burger restaurant, Al Mazrah city. 1 supply crate, loot.

D-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
Ahmed Grocery StoreUnlocks single room. 1-2 supply boxes.
Al Bagra BarrackUnlocks two rooms, one key each, Al Bagra Fortress. 1 supply crate per room, loot.
Al Bagra Munitions StoreroomUnlocks two cells. 1 supply box, loot.
Bank of Adal 2nd Story OfficeOpens single office, second floor, Sawah Village bank. 1 supply box, loot.
Caretaker’s ToolboxUnlocks single toolbox, Al Sammam Cemetery. Loot.
Ch 7 Secure Records RoomUnlocks single room, small building, north of Ch 7 TV tower. 1 supply crate per room, loot.
Far South Eastern Storage ClosetUnlocks single room, southeastern village. Loot.
IHTAQ Warehouse Supply RoomUnlocks back room, office, Hafid Port. Loot.
Mawizeh Cell Shop KeyUnlocks shop, next to bridge, Mawizeh Marshlands. 1 supply box, loot.
Mawizeh Resort Bungalow RoomUnlocks back room, under construction bungalows. 2 supply crates, loot.
Mountaintop Spotter ShackUnlocks small shack, Al Sharim Pass. 1 supply crate, loot.
North Canals Info Booth Unlocks a small kiosk, next to the canals. 1 supply box, loot.
Omar’s Auto RepairUnlocks back room, auto shop, Sawah Village. Loot.
Power Substation ToolboxUnlocks single toolbox, substation, south of cemetery. Loot.
Retro Runway FridgeUnlocks Indiana Jones fridge, crater, end of the airport runway. Loot.
Rohan Control Room LockerUnlocks single locker, underground, Rohan Oil’s tunnels. Loot.
Rohan Guard ShacksUnlock North and South guard shacks, Rohan Oil. Loot.
Sa’id Mall Security RoomUnlocks back security office, Sa’id Shopping Centre. Loot.
Sattiq Guest QuartersUnlocks single house, inside mountain, Sattiq Caves. 1 supply box, loot.
Scientist’s LockerUnlocks single locker, tunnels, under Zaya Observatory. Loot
South Al Bagra Top Floor BedroomUnlocks bedroom, building north of stronghold spawn point. Loot.
Taraq River Supply ShackUnlocks small shack, coast, above the bridge. 1 supply box, loot.
Tower Conference RoomUnlocks conference room. Loot.
Traveller’s LuggageUnlocks duffel bag, airport lounge area. Loot.
Zarqwa Market StorageUnlocks small storage shack, south shore, Zarqwa Hydro. 1 supply crate, loot.

F-Tier DMZ Keys

Key NameUnlocks
Al Sa’id Shopping CenterUseless, shopping center can be accessed via parking garage’s rooftop.
Algae Covered ToolboxUnlocks single toolbox, canals, Al Mazrah city. Loot.
BC Toolbox KeyUnlocks single toolbox, airport. Loot.
Captain’s Cache KeyUnlocks single duffel bag, bridge of smaller sunken ship. Loot.
Clock Repair ToolsUnlocks toolbox, top of the clock tower, Sarrif Bay. Loot.
Enfer Back RoomUnlocks shop back room, Sa’id Shopping Centre. Loot.
Hafid Ship Bridge CacheUnlocks toolbox, bridge of the fortress ship, Hafid Port. Loot.
Hafid Ship First Mate CacheUnlocks toolbox, bunkroom, fortress ship, Hafid Port. Loot.
Longshoreman’s Duffel BagUnlocks single bag, end of Hafid Port wet dock. Loot.
Mawizeh Marsh Discarded CacheUnlocks bag, next to car under the bridge. Loot.
Quarry Worker’s Lost ToolboxUnlocks single toolbox, underwater, north of Quarry. Loot.
Rohan Utility Tunnel LockerUnlocks single locker, Rohan Oil underground fortress. Loot.
Sawah Hotel Room 302/303Useless, can be accessed via hotel skylights. Loot.
South Bank ApartmentUnlocks apartment, South Bank. Loot.
Special Forces Dead DropStory-related note. Loot.
Taraq Tunnels Workbench CacheUnlocks toolbox, tunnels, under Taraq Village. Loot.
Weapons Repair KitUnlocks toolbox, Sattiq Cave Complex underground. Loot.
Hydro Island ComputerUnlocks single computer tower, middle island, Zarqwa. Loot.

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Now that you know what are your keys worth, be sure to keep the ones that are most valuable according to this tier list. You will only get to carry 20 keys (there are only 20 slots available), so be wise while holding on to or getting rid of the keys. Prepare yourself to open supply boxes and crates, weapons caches, armor and, well, huge amounts of money and valuable items. I hope you don’t get stuck with D and F keys, we are not talking about high school grades. But I digress, good luck!

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