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All Cursed Weapon Locations in Tactics Ogre Reborn

Hello generic character, care to join my party, wink wink?

There are several game mechanics that have caught my attention throughout the years, but sacrificing a member of your party in order to power a weapon? That’s savage. And that is precisely what happens with the cursed weapons in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. There are a lot of powerful weapons waiting for you that require this sacrifice, but the thing is where to find them. Don’t worry, today you will get to know where to find all cursed weapon locations in Tactics: Ogre Reborn.

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All Cursed Weapon Locations

Just like the original Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together, all the cursed weapons will be able to be located in the Palace of the Dead, although there are two enemy targets that will drop them instead of one. Although they may seem like the weakest weapons of the game initially, which they are, eventually when you level them up by sacrificing your generic units, these will potentially be the most powerful in all Tactics Ogre. You will be able to have five copies of all cursed weapon types at a time, any other cursed weapon added will be immediately sold, so be wise to choose which weapons you will carry. Here are all cursed location in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. Prepare to do some climbing.

FloorCursed WeaponTarget 1Target 2
51BowBlood HunterBlood Hunter
54BlowgunDark StalkerDark Stalker
56SpearBlood GavialBlood Gavial
56InstrumentBoogie ManBoogie Man
58Sword (2H)Crimson UhlanCrimson Uhlan
59Sword (1H)Rune Fencer (Winged, Chaotic, Elev 12)Lizardman Warrior
61BookLore MasterLore Master
63HammerLizardman Hoplite (Neutral, Elev 18,)Lizardman Warrior
70Katana (2H)Kill Seeker (Female, Chaotic, Elev 2)
70FistsOrc Warrior (Orc, Neutral, Elev 13)Lizardman Warrior
72CudgelLich King (Male, Chaotic, Elev 16)Banshee
73Katana (1H)Dark Stalker (Male, Chaotic, Elev 13)Lizardman Hoplite
74WhipIron FistIron Fist
75CrossbowBlood HunterBlood Hunter
77BowBlood HunterBlood Hunter
78BlowgunDark StalkerDark Stalker
79WhipIron FistIron Fist
81HammerBlood GavialBlood Gavial
85Katana (1H)Dark Stalker (Male, Chaotic, Elev 6)Blood Hunter
86DaggerGrim ReaperGrim Reaper
88Katana (2H)Kill SeekerKill Seeker
89CudgelWitch QueenWitch Queen
90Sword (1H)Shadow KnightShadow Knight
90CrossbowBlood HunterBlood Hunter
91BookLore MasterLore Master
92Sword (2H)Human Warrior (Zombie)Human Warrior (Zombie)
93FistsNight CrowNight Crow
94InstrumentBoogie Man (Chaotic, Elev 14)Incubus
95SpearAngel (Chaotic, Elev 22)Angel (Chaotic, Elev 22)

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Make your way through Palace of the Dead and pick up those cursed weapons. Like I said before, they can potentially become your favorite weapons of the game, thanks to the willing sacrifice of your minions. Poor little fellas. Anyway, good luck!

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is available in Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Windows. If you like our Tactics Ogre content, be sure to check out Fastest Route to Completing the Hanging Gardens in Tactics Ogre: Reborn and How to Unlock New Game Plus in Tactics Ogre Reborn.

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