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All Cosmetics in Warhammer 40K: Darktide – Full Cosmetics List

See What Lies on the Dark Side!
imperial skins in darktide
Image via Fatshark

I’d find it hard to believe that there’s a franchise in tabletop gaming that’s made as big of an impact as Warhammer 40K. In the 30+ years since its inception, there’ve been novels and games of all varieties, and it doesn’t look to be ceasing. Need proof? In 2022 alone, there have been at least three new games:

In Darktide, there are a number of cosmetics that players can unlock by completing Penances. Of course, not every Penance will award cosmetics. In fact, some of them you can only buy from the in-game shop. But, if you were curious about what you can expect from Darktide in terms of cosmetics, we have a list! It may or may not be a complete list, but we will update if/when more cosmetics are revealed.

All Darktide Cosmetics and How to Unlock Them

Penance:Cosmetic Reward:
Circle of TrustConvict (Portrait Frame), Cannon Fodder (Portrait Frame), Possibly Useful (Portrait Frame), Almost Valuable (Portrait Frame), Still Expendable (Portrait Frame), Rosette Inquisitorius (Trinket).
Got A Bone To PickTactical Battlegear (Upper Body)
Beat-‘Em-UpBestest (Portrait Frame)
I’m In ChargeBrute’s Big Armour (Lower Body)
Something In Your EyeTactical Battlegear (Upper Body)
Friends Will Be FriendsBrute’s Biggest & Bestest Armour (Lower Body)
Gone BowlingBrute’s Biggest & Bestest Armour (Upper Body)
Don’t Stop Me Now!Brute’s Bootiful Armour (Lower Body)
Heavyweight ChampionBrute’s Bootiful Armour (Upper Body)
Bone ‘EadKrourk Mk Illa Brutehelm (Head)
Maniacal LaughterLowly Mendicant’s Vestments (Upper Body)
Praise the God-Emperor!By the God-Emperor! (Portrait Frame)
Buying TimeAnointed Mendicant’s Vestments (Lower Body)
Abhor the MutantAnointed Mendicant’s Vestments (Upper Body)
Shocking StuffPious Mendicant’s Vestments (Lower Body)
Up Close and PersonalPious Mendicant’s Vestments (Upper Body)
There is Nothing But the Abyss …Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments (Lower Body)
Just a Flesh WoundSaintly Mendicant’s Vestments (Upper Body)
Sainted PathCowl of the Shamed (Head)
Mind Over Matter (1)Storm Witch’s Leash Raiment (Upper Body)
Mind Over Matter (2)Incomparable (Portrait Frame)
Not Even CloseStorm Witch’s Penance Raiment (Lower Body)
CliffhangerStorm Witch’s Penance Raiment (Upper Body)
Warp BatteryStorm Witch’s Duty Raiment (Lower Body)
Going Out With A BangStorm Witch’s Duty Raiment (Upper Body)
Pick ‘N MixStorm Witch’s Redemption Raiment (Lower Body)
Malleus MonstronumStorm Witch’s Redemption Raiment (Upper Body)
Kinetic KillerObscurus Mk IIId Psykana Hood (Head)
I Love the Militarium!Gun-Hand’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body)
Vantage PointDutiful (Portrait Frame)
Marked For DeathPistolero’s Duty Uniform (Lower Body)
Long BombPistolero’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body)
One In The ChamberDead-Eye’s Duty Uniform (Lower Body)
On OverwatchDead-Eye’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body)
DeadeyeKillshot’s Duty Uniform (Lower Body)
Make Every Shot CountKillshot’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body)
On TargetGraia Mk IVb Carapace Warden Helm
Scab PickerHumbler of Heretics (Operative Insignia)
Cull The TraitorsAquila’s Head (Trinket)
Purge The HereticsOmnissiah’s Eye (Trinket)
Cleanse The TaintOssurary Charm (Trinket)
First AssignmentOperative (Portrait Frame)
Mission ImprobableAuric Charm (Trinket)
Attack, Attack, Attack!Killhawk Claw (Trinket)
Case For The DefenceWinged Duty (Trinket)

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As we mentioned, if this list is updated over time, we’ll be sure to add to this page. In the meantime, why not check out our other Warhammer 40,000 content? In addition to our coverage of other great games, we strive to make Gamer Journalist your one-stop for all things entertainment!

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