Is Sun Haven Cross Platform?

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I’ve been on the internet long enough to see the rise and fall of a myriad of online social games. I’m not even talking about the big stuff like World of Warcraft; I’m talking browser Flash games like Habbo Hotel or Webkinz. Those are the games that Sun Haven kind of reminds me of, at least visually, though based on its early access patch notes, it’s already shaping up to be a much more involved experience. However, since the game is slated for release on both PC and Switch, there is an important question that needs answering: is Sun Haven cross platform?

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Sun Haven released last week on Steam, and has done pretty well for itself, selling at least a few tens of thousands of copies according to SteamSpy statistics. That’s especially impressive considering it’s both a Kickstarter game and is currently in Early Access. The developers have already confirmed that the game will be available on Nintendo Switch at some point in the future, most likely after the Steam version leaves early access. By then, though, the game will presumably have a pretty big playerbase, so it’d make the most sense to link both versions of the game together through crossplay functionality. Will it have it, though?

Is Sun Haven Cross Platform?

Sun Haven will have cross platform play, but not immediately. In a response to a Twitter user who posed the same question, the devs said that “While cross-play will not be available at launch, we are hoping to get that feature working soon after our Switch release!”

So there will be a brief adjustment period when the playerbases are separated, but once the kinks are worked out (and in my experience, Switch releases always bring at least a few), you’ll be able to play freely with your friends on either platform. No word on whether they’ll plan to implement some manner of cross-progression yet, though.

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