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Activision has Banned Over 475,000 Warzone Accounts Since Launch

Activision released a report on the 12th of April detailing the progress that the company has been making with its anti-cheat efforts. 

Cheating has been a plague of Warzone since it launched. You’ll struggle to browse Warzone Twitter without reading streamers or pros complaining about it, and they’ve got a genuine point, too. Activision has been taking the situation seriously, though, with over 475,000 accounts banned since launch.  

Activision Steps up Warzone Anti-Cheat Efforts

The report in question doesn’t go into too much detail about what measures the company is taking to prevent cheating in order to maintain security. Instead, it serves as more of a progress report on how the anti-cheat efforts have been fairing since the release of Cold War. 

In particular, the release discusses the increased aggression that Activision has shown towards black-market cheat distributors, with 45,000 repeat offender accounts being shut down. 

This news comes off the back of the recent $76m bust that Tencent, in cooperation with Chinese authorities, carried out earlier this month. 

While cheating is always going to be an issue, there has been a rampant increase in legal action by publishers that specifically targets cheat retailers, which is a far more effective strategy than merely banning cheating accounts, especially given that Warzone is a free-to-play title. 

While Activision still has a long way to go with its anti-cheat systems, this news is a positive step in the right direction and something that the company should be commended for. 

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