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5 Features Twitch Should Remove with Host Mode, and 5 Features It Should Add

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If you live under a rock, you might be surprised to hear that Twitch will be retiring its hosting feature on October 3. To some, this will be a largely unnoticed removal, but to many more, it’s a tragic loss. But, with the 86ing of this feature, the question is — what could be next on the chopping block? It’s not as if Twitch is the only platform to needlessly remove beloved features, but they’re among the loudest.

Today, let’s explore that question — with a twist. If we were responsible for removing (and adding) features from Twitch’s user experience, what would that look like? Here are 5 features we think Twitch should remove alongside host mode, and 5 features we think it should add in its place. It could be obvious, but this list is entirely subjective, so you’ll probably disagree with many — if not all — of them.

5 Features Twitch Should Remove

1. Whispers

I have been on Twitch for a number of years, and I have only ever received one whisper. Sure — that could say more about me as a presence on Twitch than it does about the feature. But, there are arguments to be had that the Whisper feature is out of the way and largely unnecessary. Perhaps it’d be better served to remodel it into a more traditional direct / private message system? Also, put it in the dashboard!!

2. Live Channels Tab

I wonder how many people know the Live Channels tab is even a thing. I certainly didn’t until recently. But, it could be argued that most viewers are less concerned with who’s live and more with what they’re streaming. It might sound harsh, and it might not help with discoverability, but this feature seems like it’s just taking up valuable real estate on the browse section of Twitch.

3. Re-Examine the Prohibited Games List

I am not arguing against the existence of the prohibited games list. I’m only suggesting there are some games that currently exist on it that shouldn’t be. I mean, we live in a world where HuniePop and Genital Jousting — games that are not meant to be taken overly seriously — are impossible to stream on Twitch, alongside games the names of which I can’t even type here. It just seems silly, especially considering that, if you’re concerned with young eyes seeing these games, streamers can restrict their own channels so these young’uns aren’t corrupted by the naked anime women. IDK, Twitch … you should think about it.

4. Tags — Like, the Entire Institution of Tags

I get that, on other platforms, Tags help with discoverability. I’ll even concede that they might help with that on Twitch. But, they are constantly and consistently abused by bad actors, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever be reformed. It could be that Tags are a necessary evil, and they do more good than harm. But, there’s no reason whatsoever for someone who’s not a vtuber to be using the vtuber tag. None at all.

5. Inconsistent, God-Level Moderation

In speaking of people abusing the meta for their own gain, let’s talk about the inconsistency of Twitch. I’m sure you’ve heard about the person who decided it’d be a good idea to make the beast with two backs live on Twitch, and how they were only given a brief, weeklong ban.

I don’t think they should’ve been given a permanent ban or anything — we all make mistakes — but, for a site that clutches its pearls at the existence of HuniePop or Genital Jousting, unbanning someone who did the dew after a week seems … inconsistent, at best.

5 Features Twitch Should Add

1. Hate Raid User Database

It’s an understatement that hate raids are a serious problem on Twitch. I admit that this idea could be easily abused if in the wrong hands, but one solution to this problem would be a database that could monitor users IP addresses and prevent banned users from making new accounts to spam streamers. It would have to be inaccessible to users, to prevent doxing and other general unpleasantness, but if enacted responsibly, it might go a long way towards exterminating hate raids and harassment on Twitch.

2. Allow Affiliates to Multistream

Before I became an affiliate, I would sometimes use multi-streaming software to stream to multiple sites at once. I would usually cast to Twitch, YouTube, and my personal Facebook. It was helpful, because some people who never would’ve seen my stream were at least somewhat exposed to it. But, then I fulfilled the requirements to become an affiliate, and instead of being rewarded … I found out I couldn’t multi-stream.

It’s not as if there’s no precedent for this. As of late-August, Twitch lifted the exclusivity agreement for all partners. I am aware this doesn’t mean partners can multi-stream — they still can’t. But, it’d be a simple fix for them to lift the exclusivity agreement (the lite version that prevents affiliates from multi-streaming and posting content elsewhere for 24 hours) for us, as well.

3. Method to Resign Inactive Usernames

Doesn’t it suck when you try to register your username on Twitch but it’s already taken?! It’d be great if there was a feature that allowed inactive usernames to be resigned — either voluntarily or involuntarily, after a set time of not logging in — allowing others to use these usernames. If you’re not using it, as long as you don’t have a copyright or trademark on the brand, why wouldn’t you let others have it?

4. OBS Client Built Into Dashboard

It can be very difficult streaming with the minimum required resources. How cool would it be if Twitch teamed up with OBS, Streamlabs, or StreamElements to create an in-browser version of their software? It’d open the floodgates for more people to be able to stream with less of their resources taken up by having OBS open in addition to everything else. I have no idea if it’s possible, but it’d be neat!!

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5. Channel Points to Bits Conversion

I like Channel Points. But, I also like financially supporting my friends. It’d be cool to have the option to convert Channel Points into Bits that can then be used to cheer our favorite streamers. I’m sure the ratio would be literal garbage, but at least then I wouldn’t feel like I am bugging my friend by using all of my Channel Points on that really obnoxious sound of a recorder playing “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic.

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