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5 Easy Ways to Farm Gold in Classic WoW

Anybody playing Classic WoW knows the importance of being able to easily farm gold. With these 5 easy ways to farm gold in Classic WoW, you won’t be struggling to make just barely enough gold by level 40 to get that sweet mount.

Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep has many blue bind on equip blue items that can drop throughout the run. This makes it one of the best dungeons in the game to farm for gold.

Depending on the economy of your server, many of the bind on equip blue items can be sold for a hefty amount of gold. With just a few lucky drops from trash mobs, you’ll be swimming in gold in no time. Trash mobs grant a 0.14% chance of dropping a blue BoE item. With around 80-90 trash mobs per run, you are almost guaranteed to find one of the items in the loot table above.

Golden Pearls

Golden Pearls can be farmed quite easily through killing aquatic monsters above level 40. Golden Pearls are very in demand because they are used in high-end recipes like Enchant Weapon: Spell Power, Runed Arcanite Rod, as well as some tailored epics. Max level players will always drop anywhere from 4 to 8 gold on Golden Pearls.

To find Golden Pearls, you will need to farm Big-mouth Clams, which have a 1.7% chance to drop Golden Pearls. Crabs, turtles, Murlocs, and Naga all have a 50% chance to drop big-mouth clams. In addition to the clams, you will find other reagents while farming the aquatic mobs that are worth a pretty penny.

Elemental Fire

My person favorite easy way to farm gold in Classic WoW is killing Fire Elemental mobs. The problem is that a majority of these mobs are located in high-end dungeons like Blackrock Spire. However, there are some lower level areas where you can find these mobs. One place in particular is Arathi Highlands. In the northwest corner of the map, you can find an area of Burning Exiles that can drop Elemental Fires 17% of the time.

Elemental Fires are always in-demand from end game progression guilds and raiding guilds. They are used in fire resist potions, as well as some item recipes like field repair bot. Another item that drops from these elementals is Burning Charms. Their high percent drop chance and high selling price make Fire Elementals one of the best ways to farm gold in Classic WoW.

Fused Wiring

Dragonling, goblin jumper cables, and other recipes require Fused Wiring. The problem is that this item is very hard to farm as only a few units in the game drop it. Venture Co. Shredders are one of the main units that drop Fused Wirings. Unfortunately, there are only 3 shredders that spawn at a time, so if someone else is trying to farm them as well it will be tough.

The price of Fused Wirings can range from 2-6 gold, but obviously it depends on the server and the supply and demand. It may be wise to hold on to these until the servers are more established and prices level out a bit.

Giant Egg

One of the absolute best ways to farm gold is by collecting Giant Eggs. This item drops from killing any avian creature above level 40. Many people just vendor their Giant Eggs, but it is actually a required item for one of the best food buffs in the game. A stack of Giant Eggs can sell from 2-3 gold each.

A good place to farm Giant Eggs above level 40 is in Tanaris. Look for the big pile of bones around the map and you will find several Rocs spawning in those areas. They have a high percent chance to drop Giant Eggs, can make for some easy gold farming.

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