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10 Cute PFPs for Discord, TikTok, and More

Too cute to handle!

These days, your social media presence means everything to a lot of users. Whether on Discord, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter; your PFP (profile picture) is your persona. So making the best first impression possible is a big deal. Choosing your PFP all depends on your own personality and it can become a difficult thing as there are so many choices out there. Luckily for you, we’ve found the 10 cutest PFPs for social media that you could use if you’re into the adorable and cuddly aesthetic.

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10 Cute PFPs for Discord, Tik Tok, and More

Animal Versions of Yourself

The first thing you can go with is one like this cute bear. Take your identity and place it on the fabric of a teddy bear. It’s you but shows your cozy side.

Animals Dressed Up

To me, nothing is better than a cute image of an animal with a costume. This image is puuuurfect, bringing the book character of Puss in Boots to life with the most adorable eyes.

Pixel Art Animals

An idea if you’re looking for something totally fictional is to take whatever cute animal or character you’d like and create it in pixel art. It gives a good nerdy vibe to it overall.

Cute 3D Animals

This animal is undeniably one of the cutest on the list. If you could create an animal as cute as this using your own design, you would hit a home run.

Animals Doing Human Things

There’s something so subtly cute about animals doing regular things a human would do. It’s also pretty funny at first glance as well as cute.

Colorful Animal Art

These are by far my favorite PFPs on the list. Not only do they fall well in line with the Halloween vibes, but their art style is also flawless. The designs and use of color are impeccable. Love these, especially for the aesthetic vibes.

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Cute Video Game Characters

As always, a tried and true PFP is one where you take a video game character or even one from another media source and cutify them. Splatoon is easy, Pokemon, and of course, Disney.

Furry Art

If you’re into the community or even just the art styles, Furry-themed designs are admittedly pretty cute to look at. These are great choices because they’re a bit humanoid and the colors are typically on point too. Bright and beautiful.

Close Up Selfies

A really effectively cute PFP is one where a face takes up the entirety of the box or circle. The larger the eyes and smile, the more adorable.

3D Renderings of Animals

If you’re able to get your hands on or create your own highly detailed 3D image like this, you are rocking a sweet PFP. The color, detail, and quality of the image’s resolution are gorgeous. A+++.

Those are our choices for the 10 cutest PFPs you can use on your social media accounts! Be sure to check out some of our other PFP lists for more inspiration!

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