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10 Best Single Player Games on PS4

Sometimes the best are meant to be played alone
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Single-player games are becoming rarer and rarer in the sense of being something that the majority of gamers can enjoy and call a “great game”. With most now turning to free-to-play multiplayer experiences. Whilst I acknowledge that some of the biggest and best games made on the PS4 are: Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Persona 5. This list consists of games that I have played and finished. The list also includes different categories from best of entertainment, challenge, narrative and gameplay. Keep in mind that this list is completely subjective and your may look completely different to mine. With that being said, these are the 10 best single-player games on PS4.

A Nostalgic Trip

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro is one of those games that deserved a remake. When this was announced and stayed faithful to its original source, this became a game that I played for months on repeat. There is nothing quite like that feeling of leaving Summer Forest and entering Autumn Plains, the nostalgia in that moment cannot be beaten, nor replicated. Every Level is so iconic and unique to the Spyro franchise. Nothing ever feels repetitive, nor boring. All ages can enjoy Spyro which is why the trilogy was remade for the youngest generation for the PS4. Spyro also includes different gameplay aside from its main platforming genre. With its Sparx Levels and Speedways.

Its one flaw, unlike Crash is that the game felt 10x easier in the remake than the original. The Boss Fights are incredibly easy but perhaps it is from my many years of playing this game on PS1 that I have just mastered using that purple dragon. But even the most Levels known most for its difficulty (Misty Bog and Tree Tops), felt so easy on its remake. I imagine if I return to the original, I will struggle once more completing these same Levels. On a serious note though, how on earth did gamers figure out Tree Tops without guides?

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot was my go to game as a child. Aside from Spyro and Time Splitters this was the game that had me replaying over and over. Whilst this trilogy does nothing in the world of story-telling or narrative, Crash Bandicoot is one of the best platforming games ever made. Unlike Spyro remake, Crash kept the challenging Levels, being the most faithful to its remake. Crash Bandicoot has its fair share of difficult levels, even bringing back Stormy Ascent for the remake made for a challenging experience for most players. Crash Bandicoot is endless fun and at times, a raging nightmare.

The only flaw I have with this game is the preference for the original style of Crash Bandicoot. Whilst the level design stays completely the same as its original. Keeping within the scrolling gameplay mechanic similar to the side-scrolling Rayman, there is something that I will always prefer that the original has. That is the charm of the PS1 aesthetic. However, I admit that this is a biased opinion and one that does not reflect as an actual flaw in the N. Sane Trilogy. Also that Crash Bandicoot 2 level picking arena is truly iconic.

Most Entertaining

Marvel’s Spider-Man

I grew up playing the Spider-Man games on PS2, which at the time were pretty decent games. But Marvel Spider-Man, released 2018 was something else. I am not one to enjoy games with an open-world filled with side quests but Spider-Man was highly entertaining from start to finish. I even completed the majority of the side quests so that this game would never end. The combat and flying using his webs is highly satisfying. It has some of the most fluid combat I have ever experienced. Whilst this game was never a real challenge and its story was relatively easy to complete, both in its difficulty and length. Spider-Man was non-stop fun.

This game had to exist in an open-world for the ability to use his web as a means of travel. Nothing quite gets as close to the experience of being Spider-Man in this game. Imagine if Insomniac Games turned this installment into a short VR experience. It is not necessary however as the combat itself makes you want to return to this game time and time again just to experience how effortless it can feel. It is a shame not many games combat feel as fluid as Marvel’s Spider-Man did. If you have not played this game and want something fun, not challenging and backed by a good story, this one is a must play.

Yakuza 0

Now known as Like a Dragon, Yakuza is a series that never really stops giving. Having a reputation similar to that of Grand Theft Auto. Yakuza 0, although releasing after the first game, is where players who have never experienced Yakuza should begin. This game is non-stop entertainment from start to finish. Even in its highly serious narrative, the game breaks the overall seriousness with great combat and cheesy moments. Being a JRPG, you can explore the Kamurochō district, fighting Yakuza members and helping out citizens. In your breaks, go ahead and visit Ramen Restaurants or participate in some karaoke.

In true Yakuza style, this game has everything ranging from serious moments to the appropriate amount of cheese to make this one of your favorite games. Its combat system is great, giving you freedom to choose which style you wish to master as you progress through the game. Not only this but, this game is filled with quick-time events. These range in difficulty and make the action sequences 10x better for its immersion. Yakuza is a very fun experience in a serious setting surrounded by ridiculous action sequences and musical moments.

Most Challenging

Elden Ring

There is a reason this received the 2022 Game of the Year. Elden Ring has some of the best level design seen in PS4 games. Not only this but its vast amount of enemies, ranging from difficulty and grotesque appearances make for a highly unique experience. Unlike Bloodborne, this game can truly be played by any gamer. This came true to the sheer amount of casual gamers and those who have never touched a Souls game to reach out and play Elden Ring. The story is good and allows the players to take any approach they wish to level up in the game.

Whilst the path is made clear by the Sites of Grace which lead the way in a gigantic world, players can take on whichever Boss they wish to whenever they choose. Although, Elden Ring can be a challenging experience for many, there is something truly incredible to create a game which the majority of gamers can partake in. Elden Ring is a standout product and one that FromSoftware will struggle to top. Some of the Bosses designs are so incredibly good and remind me of Beserk (rest in peace Kentaro Miura). The only flaw I can find with this game is the repeated Bosses, but as these are optional for those grinding Souls, it takes nothing away from the overall excellence of Elden Ring.


Part of the Dark Souls universe, Bloodborne is one of the most challenging installments by FromSoftware. For those interested in the gothic aesthetic, Bloodborne is the one for you. This game is a real challenge and not for the casual gamers. You are required to truly train for this game as only the best will survive. I am embarrassed to say that I went into this game blinded by its aesthetic and got hard-stuck on the first boss, Gehrman. Bloodborne allows players to freely explore the map, without any real purpose of knowing where to go first. There are also little quests available depending on the NPCs you find in the game. It allows for a one-of-a-kind experience depending on how you play the game.

Bloodborne is one of the hardest FromSoftware games, made exclusive for the PS4. With great enemies that complete the intricate level design. Bloodborne is a product that has little to no replication for its flawlessness in aesthetic and challenges.

Best Gameplay

God of War Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarök is a great game for its vast world where you are free to explore if you choose to. With quests available no matter the location. Of course, if you are like me who does not particularly enjoy side quests, the main quest is enough to keep you locked into this game. Similar to Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man, you will want to see how this ends. Ragnarök has some of the best boss fights in the history of boss fights. There are cinematic as if you are watching an interactive film. Every fight is effortless and without flaw. The combat is great and the dialogue shines in this game. With a lot of awkward moments between the characters which adds to the realism of the game.

That is a hard task to do what the settings and circumstances are so unrealistic. But the characters are so likeable, alongside just an adrenaline-packed action game with great level design. There is something in God of War that every gamer will enjoy. Whether you want an action-packed game with challenging boss fights and little repetition when it comes to the main questline. Its only flaw comes in the completion of puzzles to progress through a level, however if you are someone who enjoys regular puzzle completion, this one is for you.

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Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima has some of the best fighting mechanics I have ever experienced. Being up there with Spider-Man for fluid fighting, every attack and defence in Ghost feels effortless. The game thrives off timing, with well placed counters and fast fighting style switches, similar to that of Yakuza. Ghost of Tsushima is a very entertaining and challenging game from a mechanical point of view. It has some of the best fighting in video game history. Ghost of Tsushima includes various tasks you can complete throughout the open-world as breaks between the main story. Whilst its story-telling is nothing particularly special, its combat puts this game into a tier on its own.

Ghost of Tsushima is a very entertaining and at times challenging game. You have a means to progress your combat throughout the game by unlocking different styles and upgrading skills, typical with open-world games. However the game falls short in missions where you are tasked to go to a destination and investigate. The investigations has so much hand-holding that it can feel like you are not really doing anything in the game that is your own original thought. However, its overall story is gripping enough to keep you interested and as I previously said, you will not be bored or underwhelmed with the games combat.

Best Narrative

The Last of Us II

The Last of Us without a doubt is one of the best video games ever made. Its sequel, for me, beat its original by providing us with a rollercoaster of a story. It has some of the best story-telling in Single-Player Games, similar to the excellence that is Silent Hill 2. Whilst The Last of Us gave us an unbelievable dread-filled apocalyptic world, its focus on the relationship between a father and daughter (not blood related) was wholesome, heartwarming and something that could provide hope in a world were hope no longer existed. The focal aspect was on the importance of family. But with its sequel, the family would be damaged forever. The focus shifted from hope into despair, the true nature of an apocalyptic world.

The Last of Us II is a revenge story, one of which does not have a particularly nice experience for players throughout. It is a game of realism and at the time of the pandemic, it was one that many could not stomach at the time. But The Last of Us II is an incredibly important game and one that described the other side of an apocalyptic world from the point of view of the survivors. Ellie has always been a survivor, we saw that in the first game. However in the sequel, we see the survivor as being both the hero and the villain.

Little Nightmare 2

For those who are into cute characters in an immensely creepy setting, this one is for you. Both Little Nightmares games are some of the most consistent Horror Games you can play on PS4 right now. Its style is unique. Reminiscent of Studio Ghibli and horrors such as Yomawuri and Higurashi. It stands out in the horror gaming world being something that is inherently creepy masked by childish, innocent characters. It is similar to that of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Poppy Playtime, however it is driven by a well crafted narrative. The monsters in Little Nightmares provide a different experience of horror every time.

I place Little Nightmares 2 above the first game as a more refined horror experience. With varying chase sequences and monsters which everyone can be fearful of. Not only this, Little Nightmares has a highly interesting narrative, including the betrayal of the century. Its ending is one to remember too, that had me applauding the credits as they rolled. Little Nightmares is a form of side-scroller, with varying gameplay mechanics. From classic chase sequences to hiding under beds. From teleporting through Televisions and using a flashlight as a means to stop mannequins from catching you.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with the picks or not? If not, let us know what you would replace via Gamer Journalist on Facebook. Keep in mind that this is our ranking, therefore your list may appear different to ours. Feel free to check out our other lists with our related articles of the 10 Best Linear Games on PS4 or Best Game Sequels that Outdid The Original.

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