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10 Best GameCube ROM Hacks

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We all have fond memories of the Gamecube. Undersold, under-appreciated, and yet many Gamecube games are some of the best in Nintendo’s history. Nintendo has a tenuous history of allowing old games to come to port or issues with piracy and modding. While fans love to change up and improve games with time, the Mario company really frowns on it. So while we can’t tell you how or where what we can talk about is some of the best Mods to Gamecube games out there. Here are the 10 best Gamecube ROM mods you can play right now.

Full Disclaimer again, we can not and will not show you where or how to get these games. Rest assured, they are out there and not hard to find.

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10. Wind Waker ReWritten

Sometimes morbid curiosity gets the best of you. Instead of playing a revamped game for better controls and graphics, maybe an experiential reimagining piques your interest. That’s the case with Wind Waker Rewritten. Touting over 10,000+ new lines of dialogue and reimagined cutscenes and characterizations, Rewritten is promising you a unique, strange, and experimental portrayal of the Wind Waker story. If you’re a fan of hardcore fanfiction this might be a new experience you’re looking for.

9. Duper Mario vs Everything

One of the most popular reasons for mods of course is just for the jokes and the memes. Trolling is a big part of gaming culture whether you like it or not, so sometimes a mod of a classic game where its all jokes and wild and difficult levels and jokes could be a lot of fun. Go into this Super Mario Sunshine mod expecting incomprehensible jokes, wacky gameplay, and a good time.

8. Diet Pikmin 2

Diet Pikmin 2 is the first game on this list where the gameplay and level design take a turn. Pikmin 2 was pretty well known for being a bit difficult for some. So in Diet Pikmin 2 you have 14 completely new, shorter, somewhat easier levels. This game comes off as a rewarding casual play for new players and old alike. For whatever reason the dialogue has added swearing and NSFW jokes as well, perhaps just to add some levity when you get stuck on a level.

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles SPUp

This ‘Single Player Update’ mod focuses on adding a bit more complexity and difficulty to the single-player mode of Crystal Chronicles. There have been new items, weapons, and characters that can do new moves and special abilities, as well as improved enemy stats. All in all if you have a soft spot for Crystal Chronicles like many people do, you have a chance of playing a more rewarding version now.

6. Mario’s Mansion

Ever wanted to play Luigi’s Mansion as Mario? Yeah? Really? Well congratulations, now you can! Yup, that’s all there really is, Mario’s model is swapped and Luigi is trapped in the painting that you now have to go rescue him and explore the mansion. If you’re thinking poor Luigi can’t catch a break however as his more noteworthy brother takes his game away from him, fret not, there is a Super Luigi Sunshine that does the same thing swapping the brothers out so you can play the green plumber in Sunshine.

5. F-Zero AX Direct Boot

In 2013 it was discovered that F-Zero GX contained a secret hidden arcade version of its predecessor F-Zero AX. This has made F-Zero fans collectively lose their wheels. So now you can boot up directly to that arcade mode instead of dealing with all this hidden nonsense. There’s probably a high chance if you’re a heavy F-Zero fan you’ve already gotten this mod but for curious newcomers, you can see what all the hype is about.

4. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

Do you just wish as hard as you can that Pokemon games were harder? Well, now you’ve got a chance. Pokemon XG, a mod of XD for the GameCube adds a whole lot of difficulty and later-gen types and forms as well. The difficulty is allegedly turned waaay up as well as the addition of Fairy-type which came so much later in the Pokemon generations. Alolan forms of pokemon have also been added along with a large number of new attacks. Add to the fact you can now use the Shadow pokemon yourself and the replay value of this mod just goes through the roof for any Pokemon fan dying for a challenge.

3. Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes – Double Trouble

It seems only right to just double up on this entry since they are technically the same mod for 2 of the best games in the Metroid Series. Prepare for double, and it’s going to be trouble. (Wait I missed my chance to say that earlier). Metroid Prime and Prime 2 both have mods where ALL enemies are doubled. That’s right, passive enemies too, and… of course, double bosses. If you want possibly the hardest challenge you can get out of Metroid games, you’ll play both Primes now double the danger.. or is that quadrupled?

2. Skies of Arcadia: Legends Maeson

Possibly the most work put into one mod on this list, Skies of Arcadia Legends Maeson takes a fun and simple JRPG game and amplifies everything about it. So many improvements have been made some argue it’s almost a completely new game. From combat to items, weapons stats, and significant enemy difficulty increase, this is almost everything you want in a classic JRPG official remastering. This mod might even take those who love JRPGs but were lukewarm on Skies of Arcadia to only ever play this mod from here on.

1. Super Mario Sunburn

It’s hard to suggest anything over a Super Mario game. This comes true with a ROM mod hack as well. Super Mario Sunburn basically takes all the complaints naysayers have about Sunshine and throws them all out the window. The rendering and quality of life are updated. You no longer leave a level after collecting a sprite. Freely travel to any level at any given time! Explore as much as you like with half a dozen new levels added, including Outset Island from Zelda Wind Waker! Controls and mechanics are tweaked just enough to make for smooth gameplay. This mod truly gives Sunshine its due.

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