Wolcen White Arrow Build

Wolcen White Arrow Build

This guide will cover a Wolcen White Arrow Build which will be using arrows and ice from range to freeze and destroy enemies. The passive skill tree can be a bit overwhelming at first, so this guide aims to provide you with a solid build to get the most out of these skills.

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Wolcen White Arrow Build

This build uses a combination of passive skills that will allow you to combo projectiles off your targets and freeze multiple enemies at once so you can shoot them down from a distance. The build also utilizes high critical damage and critical chance, which is one of the most effective scaling attributes in the game.

It’s an all-around fun build you can use for leveling and a bit of end-game content as well. This is one of the strongest builds utilizing bows that we have come across so far.


Most points in this build will be placed into the Ferocity attribute. You can also put some points into Wisdom later to avoid diminishing returns from Ferocity and increase your chance to freeze enemies.

Active Skills and Modifiers

Bow Shots

Default attack which will be used to bounce projectiles off different targets. You can fire two arrows at once thanks to the passive node Archion’s Teachings.

Stings of Krearion

Useful early as a spell you can use to easily high-density mobs. You can also convert this skill to frost damage by picking up the Whitefield Arrowheads skill modifier. You should also pick up Pumonary Strike for increased critical chance and Cruel Songbird for increased critical damage.

Wailing Arrows

This skill is great to use as an AoE so you can cast it on a bunch of enemies and run around in circles waiting for them to die. You can pick up the Black Cloud modifier to instantly deal your damage, but the damage is reduced here as a result. Eagle Eye and Broadheads for increased critical strike and damage.

Phantom Blades

This will fire two projectiles once you unlock Archion’s Teachings, and it’s a skill that deals massive amounts of damage so it is a must-have for this build. Using the Bladed Blizzard modifier will convert this to frost damage. Pick up Butterfly’s Eye and Gutting Wheel for increased critical strike damage as well. Gliding Friction will also leave a trail of frost on the ground that deals some nice damage.

Deathgazer Railgun

This skill deals a ton of damage when you charge it to the maximum amount. You can crit for huge damage early on, resulting in some one-shot boss attempts. Frostbitten Salute will convert this to frost damage while One Simple Shot will greatly increase your critical damage. Inflexible Blast and A Promised Bullet are also great modifiers worth checking out.

Passive Skills (Gate of Fates)

First head into the Sentinel tree and pick up Refined Technique, Precise Strikes, and Backline Raider. Later in the game pick up Pinch Runner.

Next, the Ranger tree should be ventured into. Pick up Shoot to Kill and Archion’s Teachings to get the extra projectile, and pick up Bullseye as well. Then you can pick up Swiftness, Swift Death, Safe from Afar, and Deadly Aim. Persistence Hunting and Overwhelming barrage are solid choices here as well.

The White Arrow tree is where you’ll focus on next, picking up Wintry Hail as soon as you can. This allows your projectiles to bounce which will add some huge damage. You should then pick up Acute Tracking with Frostbite and Ice Shall Wake.

Next, the Soldier tree will require some points in it. You could pick up Heavy Blows and Zealous Might for critical damage passives. Head over from there into the Assassin tree.

In the Assassin tree, go for Merciless Lethality for a big critical damage bonus with a trade-off for lower non-critical damage. Pick this up later so your early game damage does not take a hit while your crit chance is low. Pick up Slipping Shadow for added mobility as well.

Alastor is where you could head next to pick up Intravenous Neural Cord. You will also want to pick up Pulse Control, Shock Invasion, Cautious Effort, and Condensator. Static Transferral is another good pickup to increase basic attack damage.


Most importantly, you’ll want a bow with Frost Damage and 3 Offensive (I) sockets. Don’t worry about the sockets too much because you can always reroll for them at the vendor. You need frost damage, so make sure the bow has that or don’t use it!

Flat Damage to attack (frost) increases is most important on accessories like rings, amulets, and belts. Next, look for Critical Chance, Critical Damage, or +%Elemental Damage. Attack speed is your lowest priority out of the bunch but is still a pretty solid choice as a minor attribute.

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