Wolcen Turret Build

Wolcen Turret Build
Wolcen Turret Build

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem version 1.0 is officially out, and this guide is here to give you an overview of one of the most powerful builds. The Wolcen Turret build utilizes the “Avenger” Autoturret skill as the main source of damage. This build can easily be used to grind to the maximum level (90) and complete all end game content.

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Wolcen Turret Build

This build uses a Pistol in one hand and a catalyst in the other so we can cast ranged skills and spells as well. We will not be picking up the turret auto-aim and will instead rely upon crowd control and stuns.

Railgun is a secondary damage skill that does a ton of damage, but it can be swapped out for another buff such as Bulwark of Dawn or Consuming Embers if you want to deal damage only with the turret.

Let’s start with the required skills and skill modifiers.

Wolcen Turret Build Skills & Modifiers

Avenger Autoturret

  • Sleepless Sentry
  • High Calibre Ammunition
  • Twin Repeater
  • Precision Bullets
  • Cranial Focus Fire
  • Unstable Engine of Destruction
  • Ballistic Reinforcements

Deathrazer Railgun

  • Aether Piercing Ammunition
  • Fragmented Rounds
  • Comfortable Distance
  • Frostbitten Salute
  • Slow Learner
  • One Simple Shot
  • Internal Detonation

Mark of Impurity

  • Accursed Blade
  • Weight of Culpability
  • Target Eliminated
  • Guilt by Association
  • A Sentence Accepted

Winter’s Grasp

  • Ice Pawn
  • Soul in Emanation
  • Admire from a Distance
  • Hail the Ice Queen
  • Century of Cold Nights

Aether Jump

  • Escape Artist
  • Spirits of the Void
  • Fragments of Aether
  • March of the Time Devourers
  • Aethereal Bounce
  • Time paradox


Throw everything into Ferocity because it will give us the most benefit out of all the options. Feel free to throw some in toughness if you are leveling your character for the first time.

Passive Skills

We want to start in the Soldier tree and get The Wild Card. Head into the Assassin tree after to get Merciless Lethality. Go through Scholar, then Exorcist, then Time Weaver for Time Cannot Heal.

The next part is to go through Sentinel into Warmonger for Manic Slaughter and global life leech. Now, pick up Residual Energy in the Warlock tree.

Now you can pick up Frenzied Blows around level 70 because you need a lot of resource cost reduction items. Next, pick up Twisted Obligation in Warlock tree.

Finally, pick up Safe From Afar in the Ranger tree and Academic Fieldwork in the Exorcist tree last.



We will be utilizing a Pistol to do damage and a Catalyst for the ability to cast spells like Winter’s Grasp and Aether Jump.

Focus on jewelry (rings, neck, belt) that adds flat damage to attacks, critical damage/chance, and % damage increase.

Focus on all other gear that gives Rage and Willpower cost reduction because of the Frenzied Blows passive, as well as damage stats. Movement speed is always good as well for boots, helm, and chest slots.

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