Wolcen Spellcaster Build: Plageburst

There are many different types of builds you can create in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem thanks to the intricate Gate of Fates and Skill Modifier system. In this guide, we want to focus on a spellcaster build utilizing the Plageburst skill.

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Wolcen Spellcaster Build: Plageburst

We are going to use the following skills for this build. Note that you can use whatever skills you find yourself getting access to in the beginning of the game. Skills are acquired through random drops or through Demetra in town, who refreshes her items every 15 minutes.

Plageburst – cast an area of effect that causes enemies or summons to explode upon death, dealing Poison damage in an area of effect. This is a spell skill, and the suggested modifiers are:

  • Swarm of Corpuscules
  • Disgrace
  • Loser’s Gift
  • Noxious Smog
  • Corruption’s Bloat

Tear of Etheliel – a mass of ice forms above your enemies. After a short delay, it falls from the sky for huge damage. For this skill, we’ll use the following modifiers:

  • Sorrowful Attunement
  • Meteorological Grip
  • Scorned by Fire
  • Stalactite Rain

Anomaly – cast a vortex that has two areas of effect. The first, smaller areas deal damage over time, and after a short time, the larger one pulls enemies into the center.

  • Dislocating Threads
  • Elongation
  • Temporal Dilation
  • Event Horizon
  • Echos of Infinity
  • Aether’s Fracture

Light-bringer – charge a sacred spell that deals damage in an area of effect and teleports your character. At each new charging step, the area of effect and the damage are increased.

  • Insuppressible Rhapsody
  • Holy Ground
  • Hope’s Arrival
  • Noble Rider

Infinity Blades – attack enemies multiple times in a combo, giving willpower with each enemy hit. Suggested modifiers are:

  • Sublime Cut
  • Timeline Selection
  • Force Field Condensator
  • Spherical Repulsion
  • Magnetized Strikes
  • Material Sinkhole
  • Anti Mobility Form


Going big into Ferocity will help the crit chances, which will give us massive Willpower regeneration from Blades of Infinity. Wisdom will also be crucial because it will increase the chances of poison ailments on Plagueburst. To break it down into numerical terms, go for 7 into Ferocity and 3 into Wisdom per each level.

Gate of Fates

Go up through the Scholar sector and grab Attrition Strategist. Then go for Thirst for Knowledge for some survivability. Head up to the Warlock tree and grab Resilience to Corruption to counteract the damage over time. Then, grab the Reining in the Darkness skill that will give guaranteed crits when your Willpower is over 75.

After that, we will go up into the Plaguebringer tree which will boost our Plagueburst damage. Grab Toxic Emanations to put poison stacks on enemies and then grab Undertaker to get Green Globe spawns that will boost your damage. This tree doubles as a summons tree, so you could customize the build around that as well.

After that, we’ll go into the Soldier tree and get Wild Card for the +60% Critical Hit Chance on Spells. Then, we’ll go into the Cabalist tree and grab Immortal Offering and Power of the First Men.

This will basically be the core of the build once you’re about level 50. After that, you can customize it to your liking and build it out to fit your playstyle more.

This build is an overall easy and fun build to play that can get you to the endgame quickly. Play around with the skills and modifiers if you are new to the game and customize it to your liking.

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