Wolcen Block Build

There are many powerful builds capable of easily clearing all end game content in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. One build variation takes advantage of the uncapped block efficiency, meaning you will be completely immune to damage.

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Wolcen Block Build

Full mitigation is an intended type of build, as confirmed by the developers in an interview. You will lack some DPS with a build like this, but also be completely immune to damage. If you want to run around with no fear of taking a single point of damage, continue reading.

To achieve one hundred percent block, you need a shield that has integer block effectiveness on it. This means that the integer value is then multiplied by block effectiveness percentage stats, allowing for an easy 100%. It’s important to note the shield also counts as a melee weapon. When you reach the cap you will not take damage from anything ever.

Skills and Modifiers



Avenger Autoturret

Wailing Arrows

Mark of Impurity

Deathgazer Railgun

Passive Skills

Pick up the following major passive nodes:

  • Attrition Strategist
  • The Wild Card
  • Clandestine Execution
  • Merciless Lethality
  • Insidious Decay
  • Immortal Offering
  • Power of the First Men
  • Feast for the Crows
  • Proud Reprisal
  • Virtuose Stance
  • Which Time Cannot Heal
  • Furious Appetite
  • Sacred Oath
  • Kingless Aegis

Attributes & Stats

Once you achieve 100% block and are immune to everything in the game, you’ll want to focus on pure DAMAGE. This means go for crit damage, crit chance, flat damage, damage percent, cooldown, and rage generation.

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