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Will Resident Evil 4 Remake Have The Separate Ways Campaign for Ada Wong?

Calling all fanboys, Ada Wong is returning to our screens
Image via Capcom

AAA Developers love their DLCs and Capcom are no different. As seen with the likes of Shadows of Rose DLC to conclude the Winter family story in Resident Evil 8: Village, Capcom have added appropriate DLC to their recent Resident Evil games to add to its narrative. This will likely be the case once more with the return of Ada Wong. Deemed the most mysterious and intriguing character of the franchise, and likely the most adored female in Horror Game history, Wong will indeed return to our screen in more ways than previously seen in the original. But will the Separate Ways Campaign return to the Remake?

What we Know so Far Regarding Ada Wong

Campcom’s Director, Yasuhiro Ampo and Producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi for the Resident Evil 4 Remake sat down with Game Informer to discuss the many changes and recurrences within the Remake that players can look forward to. Whilst a lot remains rather coded with many players trying to read between the lines, Ada Wong has been confirmed to have a larger part within the Remake than before. Whether or not this highlights that we will see more cutscenes with her than previously or the return of the Separate Ways Campaign is unknown. However, it is highly likely that her Campaign will return to our screens once more.

Is Separate Ways Campaign Returning to Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Evidence through gameplay trailers has indeed shown that core and adored characters such as Ashley and Luis are becoming crucial players in Leon Kennedy’s journey. With Luis surviving far longer in the Remake than the original and Ashley likely becoming a temporary playable character similar to Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2. With this in mind, it would be highly irregular for Capcom to make the decision to completely remove Ada Wong’s Campaign from the Remake. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Separate Ways Campaign will make its return in the form of a DLC. This would be the perfect DLC for players to purchase as an added playthrough.

Not only this but the New Game+ has been confirmed and set to be completely different to its original. For that reason, we cannot imagine that Capcom will give us all of this as part of the full game’s content. But seeing as there are many secrets within the Chainsaw Demo alone, maybe Capcom have more up their sleeves regarding Ada Wong’s timeline in Resident Evil 4.

Whilst we cannot confirm that the Separate Ways Campaign is returning to Resident Evil 4, we strongly believe that it will as an purchasable DLC upon receiving the game on its release date, March 24th, 2023. For more Resident Evil content, feel free to check out Gamer Journalist’s news and guides.

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