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Why Won’t My Wordle Share – How to Fix

If you can't share your results, you lose a big part of the game's appeal.
Image via The New York Times

The ultimate point of Wordle, aside from solving the daily puzzle, is to share your Wordle score for the day to your favorite social media platform or messaging app for all of your friends and family to either seethe at or make fun of, depending on how well you did (or didn’t do). If you can’t share your results, though, you lose a big part of the game’s appeal. Here’s how to fix the problem when your Wordle won’t share.

Why Won’t My Wordle Share?

Generally, there are two possible reasons that Wordle’s sharing options either don’t work or don’t show up: your cookies or your ad blocker.

Some users have reported getting error messages when trying to access Wordle since their shift over to The New York Times. This is the result of a quirk arising from saved cookies, usually for people who are New York Times subscribers. It’s an easy fix; just clear your cookies for the site, and it should start working again.

If you attempt to click on the green share button and get an error message, your ad blocker may be blocking it from saving stuff to your clipboard. You can add an exception for the Wordle web page in your ad blocker if you know how, but if that’s too complicated, just disable it for the New York Times website. It’s fine, they won’t throw any weird ads at you.

How do I share my Wordle grid?

As a reminder, after you finish a Wordle puzzle, successfully or otherwise, you’ll get the ending screen that shows you your play statistics, when the next puzzle will be available, and most importantly, the green share button. The way it’s supposed to work is that you click or tap that button, and a copy of the Wordle grid is saved to your device’s clipboard. You can then go to anything with a text entry (social media, messaging, etc.) and paste the grid in, the same way you’d copy/paste text.

How do I share my Wordle results on WhatsApp?

Assuming you’re on a mobile device, simply tap the green share button in Wordle, then switch over to the WhatsApp app. Tap on the text entry and hold your finger there until the Paste button appears. Tap that, and the results should appear.

How do I share my Wordle results on Instagram/Twitter?

Same deal as WhatsApp. Click the green share button to get your results copied, then switch over to your Instagram, Twitter, or whatever else and Paste them into the text entry. It should format the grid automatically.

How do I share my Wordle results on my iPhone?

Again, just tap that green share button to get a copy of the results. Whether you’re posting to a social media app or a messaging app, you should be able to bring up the Paste prompt by just holding your finger on the text entry for a moment. Paste the results in, and the auto-formatting should adapt to whatever medium you’re posting on.

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