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Why is Overwatch 2 Queue so long? And how to get ahead in Queue

Overwatch 2 has proven to be too popular to even start for the majority of us. Who would've expected that?
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As one would expect for a game as hotly anticipated as Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 releasing today, servers have been overloaded with up to 40,000 players and more waiting to join the game as soon as the clock struck 8 PM. Even with the pre-download, players may have already been waiting over an hour to join the game and still are, so here’s why that is the case and what you should not do to be kept waiting any longer.

Why the long queue?

There were reportedly around 9.2 million active players on Overwatch and 500,000 – 600,000 players on it on a daily basis as tracked and reported by Active Player. The page for Overwatch 2 is already live and at the time of writing this there are 10,233,054 players in the game. As one would expect for such a well-recognized IP and muchly anticipated sequel to Overwatch, its servers are getting a bit too crowded, so to control that these queues are in place. All its players can really do is kick back and wait until they are eventually allowed in.

How to manage it

All we can say is to not shut down your game for any reason while in the queue since this will simply kick you back at the end of the line if you decide to re-enter the game. You will however have to shut the game down if you run into any errors or if the servers simply can’t contain all of us eager players within it. Hopefully Blizzard is actively looking into fixing this beelining being too overwhelming, but for now we’ll all just have to hang in there just a little bit longer.

Please keep in mind that these queues could take even 24 whole hours to see dwindle since the height of its player count will be within its first day. Happy hero-ing once you get back into it!

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