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Where to Get Crickets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

These illusive insects make great ingredients for all your stamina needs.
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One of the many features that was brought over from Breath of the Wild is the ability to cook a variety of meals and elixirs. Ranging from a normal stew to restore some hearts, to a 5-star dish that grants you health as well as buffs. Not to mention elixirs that can provide you with a plethora of bonuses for any encounter. However, you’ll need ingredients if you’re wanting to survive in the now treacherous kingdom of Hyrule. Once jumping critter that can help players gain some extra stamina is the Restless Cricket. These illusive insects are one of many that you can find throughout the lands. For now, let’s mow the lawn and figure out where to get crickets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Get Crickets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Where to get Crickets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom grass
Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Nintendo

Restless Crickets are part of a group of insects and animals that will disappear after chasing them. So making sure you know where they can be found might be difference between snatching them and having them fly away. The main locations you can find crickets are in freshly cut grass or under a rock. When looking through grass, make sure you have a sword or weapon that can perform a horizontal slash. Swing your sword to cut the grass, and a cricket or two will appear. Just make sure you’re quick on the draw or they’ll be gone before you know it.

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If you aren’t around any grass and can’t find any rocks, players can purchase crickets from select merchants. And when cooked with monster parts, will create an Energizing Elixir, capable of restoring Link’s stamina wherever he is. Additionally, if you bring some crickets to Sayge’s Shop, you can dye Link’s clothes green. A classic color for the savior of Hyrule.

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