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Where to find the Spottie Dottie Birthday Codes in Roblox’s My Hello Kitty Cafe

Find the code and unlock a cute Sanrio character!
Image via Rock Panda Games

Another Sanrio character’s birthday is just around the corner and in Roblox’s My Hello Kitty Cafe, that means more fun! Spottie Dottie, a lovable dalmatian passionate about fashion, has made her way into the cute little Roblox tycoon game! She’s ready to help serve customers, and make your cafe all the more stylish and welcoming!

With the arrival of Spottie Dottie, more fun cosmetics and codes can be found in the game! They’re only around for a limited time, but finding them can earn you cool rewards that you can use in-game. You’re probably wondering where to find the new birthday code though; lucky for you, we have the answer! Here’s where to find the Spottie Dottie Birthday Code in Roblox’s My Hello Kitty Cafe!

Where is the Spottie Dottie Birthday Code?

Image via Rock Panda Games

In order to find the birthday code, you’ll first need to head to the city. To do this, head over to the train station in your town. You’ll instantly be teleported to a plaza. By heading up several flights of escalators, you’ll find a small area in which Spottie Dottie’s birthday is being celebrated. There will be a cake, some decorations, and some presents!

By looking behind the presents, you’ll find half of a jumble of numbers and letters on one of the larger boxes. This is the first half of the code! The second half can be found in the decor shop, which is also located in the city plaza. It can be seen on the second floor of the decor shop, just behind the signs near the escalator. Once you have both of these code halves, you should be able to put them together, and have a full code!

How do I redeem the Code?

In order to redeem the birthday code, all you have to do is head to the settings menu at the top of your screen. Once you’re there, you’ll see two tabs that you can access, one of them being a code tab. It’s here that you can redeem your newly found birthday code – and make sure to enter the two halves in the correct order! You’ll first want to enter the half you found on the present, and then the one you found in the decor store.

What do I get from the Birthday Code?

Image via Rock Panda Games

By redeeming Spottie Dottie’s birthday code, you’ll receive one gacha ticket! Use the ticket in any gacha machine across the game to unlock cute characters for your cafe! With the update, you can even unlock Spottie Dottie. She isn’t as common as some of the other characters though, so it will definitely take more than one gacha ticket to unlock the pretty puppy.

Is there anything else to the Spottie Dottie Birthday Update?

Other than the new character and new code, you can also get cute costumes for Spottie Dottie! By heading to the city plaza, and into a costume shop, you’ll find four adorable costumes for the dalmatian, perfect for her fashion-loving personality! Each costume costs various in-game currencies, but if you manage to get Spottie Dottie in the gacha, you’ll have the opportunity to dress her up in one of them! She should appear in your cafe with the costume on, greeting and helping guests in her own stylish way.

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