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Where to Find the Muscle Band in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Muscle up!
Image Via Game Freak

Items are as diverse as the amount of Pokémon. They each serve a purpose in the game, and you will find using every type of them from time to time, specially those that can boost your battle win chances by buffing your Pokémon up. Hold items are one of the item types that can guarantee a timed bonus to certain stat of the Pokémon holding said item. You can even find Pokémon in the wild that already are holding items. Cute, but sometimes problematic. Anyway, one of those items you can give to a specific Pokémon of your party is the muscle band. Today I’ll show you where to find the muscle band in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Find the Muscle Band

So, like many things in life, you won’t just be able to find them in the wild or via a reward. They said happiness cannot be bought. Well, if your happiness depends on buying the muscle band, then it can very well be. You will need to buy the muscle band in the stores of Paldea. More specifically in Delibird Presents, in the city of Mesagoza (that’s the location of the picture above, nothing is coincidence). You will find it under Battle Items, and it will set you back 8,000 Poké dollars. So you better save up those bucks. The muscle band will boost your Pokémon attack power, so it is a very welcomed addition to your arsenal.

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Delibird Presents have a lot of battle items, so be sure to check out the several options available to use with your Pokémon during your countless battles in the region of Paldea. You will certainly benefit from them. So enjoy your brand-new muscle band, sport it like there’s no tomorrow.

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