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Where to Find the Forgotten Desires in Persona 5 Strikers

Where to Find the Forgotten Desires in Persona 5 Strikers

Sometimes, valuable things have a mysterious habit of getting themselves lost, like when you find change in between your couch cushions. You’d think if it was really important, like, say, the source of your desires as a human, you’d keep better track of it, but that’s just one of life’s weird little idiosyncrasies I guess. Here’s where to find the Forgotten Desires in Persona 5 Strikers.

Every time the Phantom Thieves defeat a Monarch, the desires they stole from the public are released and the people they enthralled return to their senses. Mostly. There always seem to be a couple of stragglers that get lost in the mix, leaving some members of the public as kooky as they were before. Morgana will let you know that a desire has been misplaced in the form of a Request, alongside a clue as to where it may be located. To speed up the process, here’s where you can find the floating box containing a Forgotten Desire in each Jail. Remember, you have to accept Mona’s request before they’ll appear. Oh, and spoilers for the last few Jails.

Where to Find the Forgotten Desires in Persona 5 Strikers

Here’s a complete list of the Forgotten Desires and where to find them in Persona 5 Strikers.

Shibuya Jail – Trapped in Wonderland

From the Underground Waterway checkpoint, head to the very back of the area where you first met Sophia to find the box.

Sendai Jail – Trapped in a Nightmare

From the Hirose St. checkpoint, jump up to the roof of the building in front of you. Traverse the roofs using the invisible platforms until you reach the northwest side of the map. There should be a lower roof with a box floating on it.

Sapporo Jail – Trapped in a Frozen Hell

Start from the Arboretum checkpoint, but don’t go down the snowboarding hill. Instead, turn around, pass through the chapel, and go around the bend. You should see the box at the end of the path.

Okinawa Jail – Trapped in Ruins

Go to the Laboratory North checkpoint and Phantom Dash up to the moving crane to get on top of the shipping crates. You should see the box on top of them.

Kyoto Jail – Trapped in Shrine Gates

From the Fox Couple checkpoint, head westward past Daughter Fox shrine and take the western portal. Keep following the path and portals until you reach Beckoning Cat Square, where you’ll find the box.

Osaka Jail – Trapped in Dystopia

From the Shipping Railway Area checkpoint, find a lowered shipping crate between the central area and the area to its immediate left. The box will be floating on top of it.

Jail of The Abyss – Trapped in The Abyss

This is an easy one; from the Depths of the Abyss Lower Stratum checkpoint, climb up to the level in front of you and look for the box floating by the far wall.

Tree of Knowledge – Trapped in the Great Tree

Work your way up from the entrance of the Jail to the Path of Surrender. There should be a ledge located at the bottom left of the map, where you’ll find the box next to a locked chest.

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