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Where to Find the Birds Nest in Resident Evil 4 Remake – Jewel Thief Location Guide

All the more reason why Birds are Government cameras
Image via Capcom

More and more evidence is pointing towards birds gaining some form of sentience. Whether that be stealing an air-wrapped sandwich or pack of chips, or thieving off family heirlooms. Something is going on with these birds, I am sure of it. Throughout your playthrough in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will get various Requests from both The Merchant and other NPCs that you can fulfill to obtain Spinel as a reward. These Side Quests offer a means of upgrading your gear and increasing specific stats from The Merchant. For those looking for that Birds Nest for the ‘Jewel Thief’ Request, this is our guide on where to find it for completion purposes.

How to Complete ‘Jewel Thief’ Request

The ‘Jewel Thief’ Side Quest asks you to locate the family heirloom that was stolen by a Crow. As the ultimate trickster, the Crow has placed the jewel back into their Nest. Perhaps they think its a Birds Egg? Either way, the only location information offered in the Request Summary is that the Nest is somewhere in the Courtyard.

With the location information in hand, you must enter the Courtyard. Keep in mind that there are Cultists patrolling the area. But if you can get past without alerting the enemies then you will have an easier job in finding the Birds Nest. The reason for this is that the Crow can be seen the second you enter the Courtyard and will take flight, heading back to its Nest. Head past the named location of the Courtyard and through the metal gated archway. Turn right and stop immediately. Aim in with your Handgun and look atop the archway that leads to The Merchant room.

Image via Capcom/ Gamer Journalist

The Birds Nest is located above the archway, vines and is sitting on top of the overhanging roof. Use the screenshot above for the exact location of the Nest (star icon). You will need to shoot the Nest down to collect the Scratched Emerald. You can go straight into The Merchant room at the end of this corridor to complete the ‘Jewel Thief’ Side Quest. All you have to do is sell the Emerald at The Merchant Shop.

That was our location guide on where to find the Birds Nest to complete ‘Jewel Thief’ in Resident Evil 4 Remake. We have a ton more Resident Evil content readily available, with more to come as the Remake releases March 24th, 2023 so be sure to keep an eye out on our upcoming guides.

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