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Where to find Rust and fix the armoury in Ship of Fools

Rust by name, not by skill.
rescuing rust in ship of fools
Image via Team17

Ship of Fools is a rogue-like action game where you, along with one other player if wished, have to traverse forwards and defeat the darkness that is surging forward with a fool of your choice. Every time you push Stormstrider forth, you must push forwards to keep the evil back as far as you can. Early on, Clarity tells us of Rust, an armourer that is stranded out in the Forgotten Waters. You’ll need her if you want the armoury up and running. Here is how to find Rust in Ship of Fools.

How to get Rust in Ship of Fools

Setting sail

Well, Rust in stranded in the Forgotten Waters, so let’s go and get her. Thankfully, that’s our first destination as you set off. The Forgotten Waters are vast, however, and there are plenty of spaces that we could travel to.

Thankfully, our map is pretty well-informed, and there are many interesting landmarks that scatter you journey ahead. One such turns out to be Rust the armourer.

Where Rust in In Ship of Fools
Image via Team17

Highlighted in red is the tile that Rust is stranded on, so you’ll need to push forwards a minimum of five tiles to reach her. You should have no problem with this, as the early stages of the Forgotten Waters are simple enough to progress through with the starting equipment.

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Rescuing Rust

When you arrive there, you thankfully won’t have to fight off any monsters or enemies. Rust will appear there on a tiny raft. A brief dialogue will ensue, and now that you’ve pathed the way for her, she had sail back as you push forwards.

When your ship gets destroyed by the enemy (which it will do eventually) and you wash back to the Great Lighthouse, you’ll be greeted by Rust.

rust in ship of fools
Image via Team17

Now back on land, she can open the armoury up and offer you weapons and upgrades. Her services are invaluable, so make sure you rescue her as quickly as you can!

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