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Where to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

They never seem to notice how perfectly circular this natural rubber is
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Making sure you have the sufficient materials to craft items is always necessary in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. With the main goal of sprucing up Big Adventure Park, crafting will be your best friend. Multiple key items, quest, and other things in the game can only be solved by having the right materials. Rubber is one of these items that you’ll need for a multitude of crafting plans. As the further you get into the game, the more materials like rubber are needed more often. That’s why we’re going to scour the lands and figure out where to find rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Where to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Where to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure description
Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Sunblink

When players first start out in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you’ll be inundated with a bunch of introductory quests. These are a way for you to get acclimated to how the games systems work, as well as gifting you various items once completed. One of these quests given by the mischevious penguin Badtz-maru, will require you to craft a water balloon. And upon receiving the crafting plans for it, you’ll notice that water balloons are crafted from rubber.

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For some people, by the time that you obtain this quest, you might have already found all the rubber you need. If you haven’t, rubber can be found all scattered around the map. They’re pretty easy to see, as they look like a blueish-purple ball laying in grass or sand. You’ll need 3 rubber in order to create the balloon for Badtz-maru, but rubber can take you so much further than that. Keep progressing through the game, and snag as much rubber as your hands can grab. You never know when a new crafting plan will call for some.

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