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Where to find Otto in Pentiment

Pentiment Andreas and Dog
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment’s long-awaited RPG, Pentiment is here and brings with it some truly great story moments and gameplay that seemingly revolutionizes the genre. Told through old-looking illustrations that transport you back to the times of the 1500s, you’ll really get a sense of the feel of how that time may have actually felt.

But if you’re just starting out, the game’s first hour or so can be a grueling one, as information is doled out slowly, in order to get players comfortable with the gameplay loop. But if you’ve managed to make it to the Abbey and are looking for a man named Otto, we know exactly where to find him. So, let’s explain where to find Otto in Pentiment! There’s no time to waste!

Where to find Otto in Pentiment

As Pentiment’s story moves along, your character, Andreas’ day will move too, with a dial showing his schedule every day, giving you an indication of when things are taking place. Following some morning workings at the Scriptorium located in the Abbey, Andreas will have to meet up with a man named Otto for a scheduled lunch date.

Otto is the town’s carpenter and has a known disdain for the Abbey and its higher-up, Father Gernot. Though he has this persona, you’ll actually find him on Abbey grounds, not too far from where Andreas is working.

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To find Otto, head out of the Scriptorium and into the Church. From there, head through its main hall and out its front doors. Then, head down to the Lower Abbey area. Once there, head to your right and you’ll find Otto sitting on the ground between the Guest House and the Abbot’s House. He’s wearing a green vest.

Once you’re there, speak with and you’ll begin some dialogue. As you’re speaking, you’ll have a chance to be in a first-person view, where you can choose which foods you’d like to eat as you speak with him. Following that, you all part ways and you’ll then need to carry on with your next task, getting back to work at the Scriptorium.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to find Otto in Pentiment! It’s not too difficult to find him but can be confusing when just getting started. Be sure to check out some of our other great Pentiment guides as they come out!

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