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Where to find Grass Knot (TM 081) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You're sure to trip em' up with this move.
Screengrab by Gamer Journalist

There are a number sure-fire way to increase the abilities of your ‘mon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Tried and true are IV and EV training, but the one thing even more important than those facets are the very moves your Pokemon learn. In a game where type matchups and strategy can win or lose a battle for you, having your ideal set of team-stopping moves is the way to go. That’s where the TM Grass Knot comes in! If you’re searching down this bad boy or you just want to collect every TM you can, with this guide you’ll get it in a jiffy.

What does Grass Knot do?

Grass Knot is a special attack damage dealer move. It starts with a base PP of 20, giving it a ton of uses. Grass Knot is unique in that it doesn’t have a standard base power. It instead relies on the weight stat of the enemy Pokemon it’s fighting against. For the lightest Pokemon, the base power is a mere 20. But if you’re fighting an absolute unit of a Pokemon, Grass Knot will be your friend. Any foe weighing in at a whopping 440 lbs (200 kg) or more will be hit with a base power of 120. Bigger doesn’t always mean better if you’re going against an opponent with Grass Knot!

Screengrab by Gamer Journalist

Where to find Grass Knot (TM 081)

If you haven’t found Grass Knot right off the bat, I don’t blame you. Tucked back behind an alleyway, within a nestled plaza, it’s not exactly out in the open. To get there, you first want to get to the Mesagoza (East) Pokemon Center. You’ll be needing your compass for this, so if you don’t know, the green arrow on your mini-map is always going to be north! With that information in hand, follow these directions:

  • Walking towards town, take the hill up going west.
  • At the top of the hill there is a fork that goes left or right. Go left.
  • Run alongside the orange trees by the two cafes to stay on the upper path. If you’ve passed the palm tree or the next intersection, you’ve gone too far.
Screengrab by Gamer Journalist
  • Using the above image as reference, run towards the handrails. There, you will see an alley. Take the alley going north.
  • The turn into the plaza will be on your right. East, behind the large tree in this hidden nook, will be TM 081- Grass Knot!

With this new Grass-type TM up your sleeve, you should have an easier time than ever fighting against those pesky Ground, Rock, or Water type Pokemon. Still wanting to get even more on that competitive edge? Why not check out our guide on How to Check Natures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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