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How to Beat Mewtwo Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

A battle to remember
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In between all of the Pokémon Gym Battles, Shiny Hunting, and Pokédex entry gathering, you will find moments of intensity and turn-based strategy in the Tera Raid Battles. Nintendo offers regular battling of challenging opponents that make the Gym Battles and life on Victory Road an absolute breeze. But all that time spent crafting the greatest Pokémon team ever seen in Scarlet and Violet cannot prepare you for the arrival of a new 7-Star Tera Pokémon to face. This is Vincent’s guide on how to defeat 7-Star Mewtwo Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The Mighty Mewtwo is the 26th Tera Raid Event, set to last between September 1 to September 17, 2023. These LTEs (Limited Time Events) always see players face a Level 100 Pokémon with a specific Tera Typing that provides unique and hard-to-beat Moves that often leave many heading back to the Raid Battle Lobby Screen. For those playing solo or with a team of friends/strangers, the Pokemon you pick and the Build they provide is crucial to taking this 7-Star Pokémon on. Therefore, this guide will highlight the best Pokémon, Items, and Builds to use against Mewtwo.

What Moves Does Mewtwo Use?

Before we get into how to defeat Mewtwo, you need to first understand what Mewtwo will use throughout the battle. With Mewtwo being a Tera Psychic Pokémon, its concoction of Moves is tough to face with standard Pokémon that you will have caught and trained throughout your Scarlet/Violet playthrough. The battle begins with Special Attack and Defense, placing a Shield as a protective barrier which takes up half of its health bar. With Moves such as Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, and Rest, Mewtwo is an incredibly balanced foe that has the capability to hit hard, defend itself, and replenish health if it needs to.

Mewtwo also has the ability to remove any status effects that it suffers from throughout and with its fast speed stats, you will have a hard time going first to hit this 7-Star Pokémon with everything you have got. Therefore, the only real way to fight is to survive the hits first to then hit back with your Moves.

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Best Pokémon to Use Against 7-Star Mewtwo in Mighty Mewtwo Showdown

The Mighty Mewtwo is the toughest battle players have had to face in Scarlet and Violet since the introduction of Tera Raids. Most Moves do very little damage, especially if you are facing the Mewtwo alone. Therefore, our first recommendation is that you play with friends/strangers and do not attempt to take Mewtwo on alone.

The absolute best Pokémon you should use, including your fellow Trainers in battle, is Mew. This is the only recommendation on what can defeat Mewtwo, regardless of the Support Pokémon that surround Mew at the time of battle. Because of this, players need to get themselves a Mew, and doing so is not as simple as you may have initially thought.

Mew cannot be found anywhere in the game and instead, players will have to either import Mew via Pokémon HOME from their other Pokémon games or go to the Mystery Gift Menu in Scarlet and Violet to input the Code – ‘GETY0URMEW‘ to get yourself a free Mew. What is crucial to this Pokémon is its Tera Type. This is why it is likely that you will not have Mew or this specific Build yet as it is only really functional and effective against the 7-Star Mewtwo.

You need to use the Medali Treasure Eatery and convert Mew’s Tera Type into Bug. You must have defeated Larry to be able to do this. 50 Tera Shards are needed to pay for this change which will be the beginning of your Build training for Mew. You can farm Tera Shards by defeating 3-Star Raids and upwards. 6-Star Raids offer a total of x6 Tera Shards to collect for every Tera Pokémon you defeat. You can also use the Glimmering Charm to get bonus Tera Shards.

Best Mew Builds to Use on Psychic-Type Mewtwo

Whilst we highly recommend taking Mewtwo on with fellow Mew Trainers, you can complete this Raid on your own. However, patience and a ton of health items are crucial to surviving and beating this encounter. Now that you have your Bug Tera Type Mew, you need at least one other Trainer in the game that also has Mew. Of course, the most effective way of taking out Mewtwo is using a full team of x4 Mews, but we understand that finding other players to join you in the battle is difficult to do. However, with this being really the only way to fight Mewtwo, you may find that joining an Online game shows Mew being the only Pokémon used in this Tera Raid.

What you want to aim for is to have a Support Mew and x3 Attack Mews. Having Bug Tera Type is crucial to beating this Raid. The Item that all attacking players must have is a Metronome. A full guide on where to get this can be found here.

The Moves all Attacking Mews should have are Sword Dance, Leech Life, Life Dew, and Struggle Bug. This is the same Move Set for those trying to beat Mewtwo solo. You must level up Mew to Level 100 and morph its Build directly into what we have just listed above (Tera Type and Moveset). If you are playing this with a team or want to support others Online, your Mew needs Misty Terrain, Light Screen, Life Dew, and Struggle Bug. For the case of the Support Mew, hold the Light Clay Item.

How to Defeat Mewtwo?

Finally, when you are ready to face Mewtwo, you will want to use Struggle Bug for 3 turns. This will remove its Special Moves, making them virtually ineffective. If you are playing Online, the Support Mew needs to use Light Screen for the first turn. Defense Cheering should be used to boost the Defense of all Attack Mews. If you are playing alone, focus on Struggle Bug and be patient. You then need to switch to Tera form and use Sword Dance (again, all Attack Mews should use this) for x3 turns once more. Your healing in this case is via Life Dew which can be used by your Mew Build regardless of whether you are playing solo or with a team.

The main attacking from turn 7 is Leech Life and using Struggle Bug to keep Mewtwo’s Special Defense at zero if Mewtwo attempts to reset its Stats mid-match. Repeat the process of hitting Mewtwo with Leech Life and switching to Struggle Bug for multiple turns if Mewtwo restores its Defensive Stats. The reason we recommend playing with a team that includes a Support Mew is to use Misty Terrain once Mewtwo’s Shield breaks. This will stop Mewtwo from using Rest to restore his health. From here, you can continue to use Leech Life to finish the job and defeat this 7-Star Tera Mew Raid.

That was our full guide on how to defeat the Mewtwo Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we hope this guide was helpful. For more like this, we offer Best Pokémon Builds to Use in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 5 and 6-Star Tera Raids or Best Support Pokémon to Use in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids for Raid beginners in Scarlet and Violet. If you want more from us, be sure to visit and support Gamer Journalist on Facebook. Thank you for reading this guide.

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