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How to Make a Ghost Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

No ghost peppers are necessary.
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Shiny Hunting has always taken up a massive chunk of a Pokémon Trainer’s life. In Scarlet and Violet, the journey to finding every Shiny Pokémon is one that many endure but few come out the other side. Unlike other entries in the series, however, Scarlet and Violet offer a unique way to filter out all of the chaos and skip straight to the source.

Ghost Pokémon can be found all across Paldea, especially at night but you cannot simply search for their Shiny variants without hitting a few steps along the way. This is where the Ghost Shiny Sandwich comes into play. This is Josan and Vincent’s guide on how to make a Ghost Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What is a Ghost Shiny Sandwich?

A Ghost Shiny Sandwich is just one of the many variations of sandwiches available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Whilst these cannot specifically be purchased via Vendors or Restaurants, you can buy buffs to help you temporarily through the Picnic feature. These sandwiches however require specific ingredients where through trial and error, each Type and its Sandwich has been laid out by Trainers across the world.

The Shiny Sandwich offers Meal Powers that last a total of 30 minutes at a time. Because of this, you will want to head to the appropriate place where the Pokémon you are looking for can also be found. Methods such as the Town or Reset Method can be used to increase your chances of finding the Shiny variation of Ghost Pokémon or to increase those Shiny Odds further from the original 1/4096.

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Ghost Shiny Sandwich Recipe Guide – Where to Find All Ingredients?

The Ghost Shiny Sandwich offers x3 Encountering, Sparkling, and Encounter Meal Powers. The Recipes you will want to follow are:

  • Simple Psychic Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x1 Red Onion, x1 Salty Herba Mystica & x1 Sour/ Spicy Herba Mystica.
  • Intermediate Psychic Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x1 Red Onion, x1 Cheese, x1 Herbed Sausage, x1 Salty Herba Mystica & x1 Spicy/Sour/Sweet Herba Mystica.
  • Expert Psychic Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x2 Red Onion, x1 Prosciutto, x1 Red Bell Pepper, x1 Green Bell Pepper, x1 Yellow Bell Pepper, x1 Spicy Herba Mystica & x1 Bitter Herba Mystica.

If you are stuck for cash or find yourself with an abundance of specific Herba Mystica, sticking to the Simple Recipe will easily do the trick. Alternatively, if you have too many Spicy and Bitter Herba Mystica that you are just not utilizing, the Expert Recipe may be the one for you. Regardless of what you pick, all offer the same Meal Powers as one another, allowing you to remove all other Pokémon Types in the area so that you can just look out for the Shiny Ghost. We will now get into where to find each ingredient for all Recipes.

Red Onion, Cheese, Herbed Sausage, Prosciutto, and Pepper Locations

In Scarlet and Violet, the purchasing of ingredients can primarily be done in any larger city in Paldea. You have Mesagoza, Levincia, Porto Marinada, and Artazon. The cities and stalls you need to visit which house each ingredient are as follows:

  • Red Onion (130 Pokémon Dollars) – Artisan Bakery (Mesagoza and Porto Marinada) and Aquiesta Supermarket (Levincia)
  • Cheese (120 Pokémon Dollars) – Artisan Bakery (Mesagoza and Porto Marinada) and Aquiesta Supermarket (Levincia)
  • Herbed Sausage – Deli Cioso (Mesagoza, Porto Marinada, and Artazon)
  • Prosciutto – Deli Cioso (Mesagoza, Porto Marinada, and Artazon)
  • Red, Green, and Yellow Bell Peppers – Deli Cioso (Mesagoza, Porto Marinada, Artazon, and Cortondo) and Aquiesta Supermarket (Levincia)

How to Get Herba Mystica?

Herba Mystica will be the hardest ingredient to get for any Pokémon Shiny Sandwich. For those looking to get some, you must complete the entire game. This is done by finishing all three routes: Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. This will give you a total of 18 Badges. After this, you must defeat the Final Boss in Area Zero, watch the credits, and win the Academy Ace Tournament. At this point, you should have beaten all Gym Leaders once more which will unlock the Raids via the Academy Professor.

Whilst Herba Mystica can be obtained in lower level Raids, you will want to reach the higher Raids which offer higher chances of Herba Mystica drops (24% in 5-Star and 28% in 6-Star). To get these higher Raids, however, you will need to complete a total of 15 Raids. Once done, the goal now is to find the best Pokémon to verse which has the highest drop rate of Herba Mystica (76% for 5-Star and 83% for 6-Star). These are:

  • Gengar (5 Star)
  • Blissey (5- and 6-Star)
  • Glalie (5-Star)
  • Drifblim (5-Star)
  • Amoongus (5- and 6-Star)
  • Eelektross (5-Star)
  • Dondozo (5- and 6-Star)
  • Palafin (5-Star)
  • Cetitan (5- and 6-Star)
  • Vaporeon (6-Star)
  • Farigiraf (6-Star)

That was our full guide on how to make a Ghost Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. For more Shiny Sandwich Recipes be sure to look at Dark Shiny Sandwich and Water Shiny Sandwich for all your Shiny Hunting needs. Follow us on Facebook and keep your eyes on our Guide section for all new coverage on the latest video game releases. Thank you for reading this guide.

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