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Where to Find Booster Energy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Boost the Paradox
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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduce players to a new set of unique Pokémon titled the Paradox Pokémon. These can be farmed in the post-game of Scarlet and Violet. Found in the core of Area Zero after completing all three main paths in Scarlet and Violet. Players can fight these new Pokémon after beating the final Boss and enjoying the post-game experience. They are useful in the Raids and hold the rare Battle Item called Booster Energy. For players looking to grind and build a strong Paradox team of Pokémon, this one is for you. This is our guide to finding the Booster Energy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What is Booster Energy?

Booster Energy is a Battle Item that can only be used on Paradox Pokémon to its full effect. It is a held item given to Paradox Pokémon. When held it will be consumed immediately in battle to boost their highest stat. Both generations of Paradox Pokémon require a sunlight (Scarlet) or electric (Violet) environmental condition for their stat to boost. This effect can be crafted through the use of Booster Energy.

Where to Find in Scarlet and Violet

Area Zero Lab

The first instance players can get a Booster Energy is in Area Zero. To get to this point, players must have completed all three paths of Scarlet and Violet. These are: Path of Legends, Starfall Street and Victory Road. Completing this will give access to Area Zero which is inside the Great Crater of Paldea. Once inside the Area Zero Lab, players can locate a Booster Energy. Find this just before heading into the final Boss fight of Scarlet and Violet. After speaking to Professor Sado/Turo, players can pick up the Booster Energy in the final room. The item is in front of a pile of boxes, to the right of the Professor.

Area Zero Pokémon

There are many Paradox Pokémon to use in Scarlet and Violet. For players looking to build a Paradox Pokémon team, they will require more Booster Energy. So where do we find more?

Players will need to search for the item again in the post-game. Its scarcity makes it very difficult for players to regularly obtain this useful Battle Item. Players can obtain the Booster Energy by battling Pokémon in Area Zero. Note if the Pokémon you are battling uses Electric/Sunlight energy. This is made clear if the Paradox Pokémon consumes the Battle Item at the start of the battle. If it does you need to catch the Pokémon to obtain the item. Although the Energy item is consumed immediately in battle, the item replenishes at the end of its use. Meaning that players can and should catch the Pokémon to obtain the Battle Item.

Due to its rarity, players should look out for the Paradox Pokémon in Area Zero. Examples are Sandy Shocks, Great Tusk, Brute Bonnet, Scream Tail, and Flutter Mane in Scarlet. Iron Bundle and Iron Treads in Violet. These Pokémon can be found in Area Zero, who use Booster Energy in battle. The Battle Item has a small 10% chance of appearing. As this item cannot be stolen in battle, players must catch the Paradox Pokémon. We recommend using Repeat and Quick Balls.

To reiterate, the Paradox Pokémon which consumes the Booster Energy must be captured. Do not attempt to battle if the Pokémon does not consume the Battle Item at the start of the battle. Upon capturing, the Battle Item replenishes itself. Giving players the option to remove the held item from the Paradox Pokémon and use on another if they wish to.

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