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How to Break the Chains in Amnesia: The Bunker – Bolt Cutters Location

Shush, the Beast can hear you
Image via Frictional Games / Gamer Journalist

In Amnesia: The Bunker you can play however you want. Be it as a lover to the crouch button and playing it pure stealth, or facing the Beast head on, regardless of the situation. But if you are looking to quieten your gameplay then the Bolt Cutters are an obvious choice. Whilst there are a lot of randomly chained up doors and cabinets keeping resources away from poor Henri, the Bolt Cutters have no problem cutting through padlocks and chains. But finding this great tool has more steps than others as it cannot be found inside the Mission Storage, unlike most important items in The Bunker. Here’s how to break the chains on doors. This is our guide on how to obtain the Bolt Cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Where to Find the Bolt Cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker

The Bolt Cutters have been left inside the German soldier’s torture Cell over in the Prison. Seeing as he has absolutely no use for these, you will need to get his cell open in order to make use of that sparkling tool that is just too good to pass up. The Bolt Cutters however, can only be picked up if you have the Special Wrench. For a full guide on how to get the Wrench, see here.

Once you have the Wrench, you need to go straight to the Prison. As all of the Cells are located you need to get inside the Control Room located directly in the middle of the Prison. The door to the right of the Cells is locked and needs breaking open. Use either a Frag Grenade, Shotgun bullet or cinder block to blast the door open. Cinder blocks are difficult to locate and will likely be in the main area of the map (the corridors linking the 4 maps together). In this case, we recommend the Frag but because of its noise, you should throw and run back to the Prison entrance, waiting halfway up the stairs for the Beast to do his patrol.

Image via Frictional Games / Gamer Journalist
Image via Frictional Games / Gamer Journalist

Once he goes away, head into the room you just blasted open and turn right immediately. There is a grate in this corner that required the Wrench to unscrew. Inside the Control Room, do not unlock the door. This is because you need to unlock the Prisoner’s Cell. Select the second switch on the right.

Image via Frictional Games / Gamer Journalist

After selecting it, the Beast will arrive to take the German soldier. Whilst it is a sight to watch, we recommend that you crouch immediately to avoid getting spotted as the Beast can crawl through the grate hole you left behind. This is why the door in the room should be locked for his patrol. All you need to do is stay crouched, where you can wait beside the door, hugging the left wall and pointing your Revolver at the grate hole, just in case he heard you somehow.

Once the Beast leaves (refer to the flickering lights going back to normal), go to the Prisoner’s Cell and pick up the Bolt Cutters.

How to Break Chains in The Bunker

Now that you have the Bolt Cutters, you can use this on cabinets, chest of drawers, booby-trap wires and padlocks to break them open. To use the Bolt Cutter, head into your Inventory and select the Bolt Cutters here. You can hotkey them to a button or key that feels natural. With them in hand all you need to do is hold the interact key the same as if you were trying to heal with a Bandage. Then place your cursor close to the chain, wire or metal you are trying to break. You will see the Bolt Cutter icon come up when it is correct. Press the other interact key/button. For console, this is the left trigger first and then the right trigger to complete the action. This will place you in the animation to break the chain.

I will leave you with a screenshot I am proud of getting in case you missed the Beast lurking around the Cells after killing the Prisoner.

Image via Frictional Games / Gamer Journalist

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