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Where to Find All Caves in Sons of the Forest

Dive into the deep darkness in search for the secrets of the land
sons of the forest mutant
Image via Endnight Games/Newnight

In Sons of the Forest the main goal is to survive for as long as possible. Although this is the primary goal as you crash land onto the Island with your remaining Companion, Kelvin by your side, players will need to get used to the way that this Island functions. Filled with Mutants and Cannibals, hostile to your presence, your goal of survival is accompanied by a curiosity to unmask the Island’s truth. It is the LOST TV Show meets The Walking Dead as you face abominations and humans too far gone to be saved. As you explore the Island however, there are many Caves for you to get lost in. But within, mysteries can be solved. All leading to one place: The Golden Cube. This is our guide on where to find all Caves in Sons of the Forest.

What to Expect When Exploring the Caves

When exploring the Island in its entirety, players need to become accustomed to delving into the darkness within the various Cave systems. Usually housing hostile abominations which are looking for any action they can get within the Caves, you will become their main course if you are not too careful as you spelunk. Proceed with caution as you attempt to raid these Caves and pay close attention to their mysteries. Inside, you will come face to face with various secrets that expand on the Sons of the Forest narrative. For those trying to grasp what has happened to the residents of the Island, you can expand your knowledge further through appropriate exploration.

Whilst the Cave dwellers are just as hostile but more lethal than what you are used to on the surface, weapons such as Fire, Gold Mask and the Crucifix can be utilized here to help you survive a little longer as you dive deeper into its system. The Caves will require you to craft specific resources and tools through the use of materials so when heading into these Caves, you must go in with enough resources to craft items. These will be torches as a guidance of light and to ward off any enemies. Explosives will also be crucial to bypassing certain areas of these Caves.

Where to Find All Cave Locations on the Island

Whilst these Caves shed light on the mysterious of the Island, they too provide players with new weapons and tools that will be important to exploring specific Caves. You will need items such as the Rebreather to enter underwater Cave tunnels and chambers, the Stun and Rope Guns which will be necessary tools to entering and getting through other Caves on the Map below. Refer to the pinpointed locations on the Map overview below for every Cave in Sons of the Forest.

Image via Endnight Games/ Gamer Journalist

That was our guide on where to find all Caves in Sons of the Forest. We hope it was helpful in your expedition. Thank you so much for reading and if you are looking for more Sons of the Forest guides, we have much more available over at Gamer Journalist.

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