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Where to Find All 39 Apogee Repeaters on Neomuna in Destiny 2

Complete the Strange New Heights triumph!
Destiny 2: How to Complete Nezarec encounter -- Root of Nightmares guide
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Destiny 2 is now entering Season 20, and the game has just raised the bar with its latest expansion, called Lightfall. Travel to the metropolitan city of Neomuna as you work to prevent Calus and his Shadow Legion from annihilating it and exploiting the Veil. Calus now works as a Disciple of the Witness, which grants him increased powers and abilities in exchange for his allegiance. Fight alongside your fellow Guardians as you complete all of the missions and quests available in the Neptunian city. Try out all of the new weapons and skills, as well as the Strand subclass which comes along with the Lightfall campaign. In this guide we will cover where to find all 39 of the Apogee repeaters in Destiny 2 Lightfall!

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Where Do You Find All of the Apogee Repeaters?

how to solve "Cross the Chasm" puzzle in Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares raid neomuna
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The Apogee repeaters are scattered all around the vast city of Neomuna. This triumph is long, so bear with us! To start with, here is a list of where they are sorted by location, so you can tick them off your list one-by-one.

  • Zephyr Concourse: 8 Repeaters
  • Ahimsa Park: 8 Repeaters
  • Liming Harbor: 8 Repeaters
  • Irkhalla Complex: 3 Repeaters
  • Esi Terminal: 3 Repeaters
  • Typhon Imperator: 3 Repeaters
  • Radiosonde: 3 Repeaters
  • Maya’s Retreat: 3 Repeaters

Liming Harbor

Here are pictures of the 8 Apogee repeaters that can be found in Liming Harbor, sorted based on when they were found. Good luck in your search! Below is an image of the first one, which is where you should start so you can follow along with the guide.

Image via YouTube

The second one can be found very close by to the first, simply use your Strand ability to grapple towards it. On a straight path down the road, follow the marker and you’ll come across the third one. In order to find the fourth, you will need to look up a bit since it can be hard to spot this tricky Repeater hidden high in the sky.

Image via YouTube

For the fifth Apogee repeater, head back down to the streets and then towards a building on the other side of the arch there. Run along a couple of roofs to get towards the sixth, which is hanging from a structure that looks a lot like a crane. The seventh Apogee repeater can be found in a cranny past the crane, which you’ll access by continuing on the platforms. Head towards the water for the last one which is on the building that almost looks like a ship.

Zephyr Concourse

Start from the Fast Travel spawn, and then head below the bridge you’re on to find the first, which is attached to a pillar as we’ve shown below.

Image via YouTube

Your next Apogee repeater can be found by going back to the main donut structure and heading to the top of one of its alcoves, where your prize awaits! For the third, exit the donut and go back in the direction of spawn, then climb on top of the parasol-like extension to reach it. The next one will require you to jump on a few platforms, but you can reach it quickly by heading in a straight line. The fifth is much the same, except a little father away and located across a gap (although still in the main area. Defeat a Cabal enemy for the sixth, which can be found high in the sky further along the platform pathway (as shown below).

Image via YouTube

For your seventh Apogee repeater, you will need to go back to the ground pictured below, and then defeat the enemies there if any are present. Look to the building on your left for the next repeater, which you can grab by grappling up there. For the last one, continue trekking across the platforms and you will come across the eighth.

Altimsa Park

Image via YouTube

Fast travel to Altimsa Park and then head towards the large structure for your first one. Then go along the side of the building before grappling onto a pillar for the second. Next, head back into the main part of the park and you’ll find the third on top of another pillar. For your fourth, go back to the building where you found the first and check the other side. To grab the next one look for the curved spine-like structure and then beyond it you can see the fifth, as pictured below.

Image via YouTube

The sixth Apogee repeater can be obtained by going back into the park and then jumping along the alcoves overlooking the road. Your seventh Apogee repeater is hidden a fair distance away, on an overhang that is over the large gap to the left of the Fast Travel spawn point. Go inside the large building that you located at the start of this part of the triumph to grab your eighth and last Apogee repeater, which can be found inside a room of the building, and is hidden in the middle.

Typhon Imperator

Fast Travel to this location and head towards the image shown below so you can find the first Apogee repeater in this spot. It is a little ways away from the spawn point, so make sure you don’t get lost along the way as you battle enemies and follow the location marker!

Image via YouTube

For the second repeater, keep travelling through the building and jump across the pillars that are separated by a big gap. Look up on top of the wall to your left (or potentially right) where you will see an alcove holding the repeater. For the last one in this zone, search for the giant statue and look above it, which is where the third and final Apogee repeater can be obtained.

Maya’s Retreat

There are three Apogee repeaters located in this location as well, all of which can be found close by one another. For the first one, head to the right after spawning in and go through the cave system on the ground until you come out of it, upon which you’ll want to continue travelling to the right and bypassing all of the enemies attempting to stop you. Jump on top of the chainsaw-looking building to grab the first one, pictured below.

Image via YouTube

The second one is on the backside of another building to the right. Go up its stairs and then check behind it to collect the repeater. For the third in this location, use your grapple to travel across a gap and reach it on the rocky platform its standing on.


There are three Apogee repeaters at this location as well, although they are quite well hidden so take your time when exploring. Spawn in, then immediately travel through the building until you reach an open area that looks like a loading bay. Fly to the other side and grab the first repeater there, as shown in the image below.

Image via YouTube

From there, grapple into an entry on the left (don’t go back across) and then fight through any enemies you see. Eventually you’ll enter a generator room that has the second repeater. Once you grab it, keep fighting the many hostiles you’ll encounter as you travel through the ship. The last one can be found in a storage room with four large pillars on its sides.

Esi Terminal

This location in Neomuna also has three Apogee repeaters you will need to collect in order to complete the triumph. The first one can be found by heading right from the spawn, and then grappling up behind a plant in the corner of the area. The second one is to the left of the spawn, where you’ll need to head down an alleyway to grab. Lastly, snag the third Apogee repeater further down the alleyway, and then grapple to the construction site to finish this location. See the picture below for the third repeater!

Image via YouTube

Irkala Complex

Don’t worry, you are almost done with this triumph! Only three more Apogee repeaters remain, and they can all be found in this location. Once you Fast Travel here, head left from the stairs at spawn, through the small square door and then all the way down the corridor until you’re outside. Jump from building to building using their platforms, which will take a while since this zone is massive. Eventually you’ll reach a crane-like structure, next to which you can get the first repeater as shown below.

Image via YouTube

For the next one, head left from here and travel across the gap onto the platforms you’ll see immediately. More parkour will be needed as you work to get onto the building across from the crane, where a second repeater can be found hanging off the side of it. Now travel across to the large structure you can see on the image above, and grab the last repeater on one of the guns that is jutting out from the building’s deck. That’s the last of the Apogee repeaters, well done in your search Guardian!

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