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Where to Find All 16 Clockwork Castellans Locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake – Location Guide

Destroy the Governor's merchandise
Image via Capcom

Capcom are back at it again adding new Collectibles into the scene, hidden up every Chapter of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. What are we after this time? Why it is those unfortunate-looking little Clockwork Castellan. With Salazar being the Governor of his Castle, it is a little narcissistic of him to assume that his followers would want little Clockwork figures of himself around as decoration. In an attempt to sell his own merchandise, the plan backfires, now with these acting as marketing tactics to distract you from the horrors within. No wonder the job is to destroy these whenever you stumble on them with your trusty Handgun. For those looking to destroy all 16 of these, this is our location guide on where to find every Clockwork Castellans in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Clockwork Castellans Location Guide

Each Clockwork Castellans is found as a singular hidden collectible inside each Chapter. Therefore, the second you find one be sure to tick that off the Chapter and move onto the next as you will not find another hidden within the same Chapter. This guide will show you the exact locations on the Map of where you can find each Clockwork Castellans, divided into its corresponding Chapter and area in which you should focus your attention. We hope this guide aids you on your Mission to destroy all merchandise made by Salazar.

Chapter 1: Lakeside Settlement

Head to the far side of this derelict House and look up to the hole in the ceiling. The Clockwork Castellan is atop a broken wooden plank, just after one of the ceiling wooden beams.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 2: Abandoned Factory

Inside this small shack where a Green Herb can be picked up off the table in here. Turn around and you will see the Clockwork Castellan atop a stack of hay.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 3: Quarry

Head down into the docks and turn right, away from the Boat you would have docked on the pier. This passage leads to a dead-up with wooden barrels and stacked boxes. The Clockwork Castellan is at the very top of the stack, make sure you aim down sights with your Handgun to see it.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 4: Forest Altar

Upon entering the Forest Altar via the ladder, go forward until you reach the fence in front of you. Look out to the left side towards a clearing between two trees. This area is outside of the Map, therefore you need to aim down sights in order to see the Clockwork Castellan sitting in the open field.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 5: Chief’s Manor

Locate the Gramophone Record Player on the ground floor and turn around. There is a hole in the wall, past a breakable box for loot. Behind the bucket and Chess table, the Clockwork Castellans sits atop a small table.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 6: Checkpoint

Stay on top of the wooden passage way and head to where the area opens out. There is a campfire to the right of your screen where the Clockwork Castellans sits in front of it.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 7: Dungeons

Head up the ladder from the Dungeons. Inside this Storage room/Cellar, go around the room until you see the wooden door to exit out of. Look at the shelving unit in front of the door, the Clockwork Castellan is on the top shelf, at the edge of a white cloth.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 8: Castle Battlements

Climb atop of this side of the Castle wall and follow the curve around until you reach a dead-end. There is a stack of sandbags here with the Clockwork Castellan on top. Be aware of Cannons firing at you as you try to grab this one.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 9: Courtyard

Found at one of the dead-ends in the Courtyard Labyrinth. From the top of these stairs, head down into the Labyrinth. Keep walking as if you were trying to get to the central staircase in the Courtyard. Take the last left you see before the staircase. Enter this passage and turn left again when you see a break in the path. Then turn right, left and right again to get to the dead-end where there are wooden beams and covered goods. Look behind the wooden palette at the back (on the floor), that is where the Clockwork Castellan can be spotted.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 10: The Depths

The Depths has one of the hardest Clockwork Castellans to find. You need to head all the way to where a room opens out on your left. Look to the wall grate opposite this room’s entry point. You will need to aim down sights and look at the highest point that you can see inside the grate. The head of the Clockwork Castellan is visible here, dangling from above.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 11: Stopover

Just after the train tracks, look to the destroyed building on your right. Aim down sights and look between the open part of the roof where there is no wooden panels. A part of the Clockwork Castellan can be seen here, although it is another that is very hard to spot. You may need to move around this area in order to get a better LOS on this figure.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 12: Clock Tower

This is an easy one to find thankfully. Head to the bottom floor of the Clock Tower and go to the part of the Map indicated on the screenshot below. The Clockwork Castellan is underneath the staircase, on top of some covered crates. You can easily knife this one to conserve ammo.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 13: Wharf

Head to the green Forklift and look between this vehicle and the red Lorry. The Clockwork Castellan is on the floor, directly underneath the red Container of the Lorry.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 14: Campsite

Can be found within the Communications Building, where there is a Desk, Chair, Cabinets and Worker’s Lockers. The Clockwork Castellan is atop the first white Locker.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 15: Specimen Storage

This one is another simple location for the Castellan. It is located in the room with the hanging bodies and the Treasure Chest. Go up to the Chest, turn to the left and look up onto the wooden beams supporting the ceiling. The Clockwork Castellan is on top of a beam.

Image via Capcom

Chapter 16: Underground Passage

The final Clockwork Castellan can be hard to miss due to the circumstances in which you will find it in. With the timer ticking away and the area filling with enemies, you need to enter this Loading Bay and look past the green Forklift to the right of the door you just went through. Behind the Forklift is a bundle of wooden crates stacked on top of one another. The Castellan figure is on top of the first crate you can see, right on the end of the bundle and just after the Forklift.

Image via Capcom

That was our complete location guide on where to find all 16 Clockwork Castellans in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Feel free to check out our website, Gamer Journalist for more and upcoming guides on this Survival Horror Game.

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