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Where to Build Great Bath in Civ 6

Not a good bath, but a Great Bath.
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The amount of structures that humans have created throughout history defy what modern scientist can explain even by modern standards. The Egyptian Pyramids, the Colossus, the Roman Colosseum, Machu Picchu, and so many more. They are places of worship, ancient civilization homes, and even places of entertainment. These Wonders of the World are a part of human history, and it is not a surprise that you will be able to build them in a game such as Civilization 6. Today, we will talk about one of the Ancient Wonders of humanity. Here is where to build the Great Bath in Civilization 6.

Where to Build Great Bath

The Great Bath is one of the Ancient Era Wonders present in Civilization 6, more specially in the Gathering Storm expansion. It is based on The Great Bath (who would have known!), located in Pakistan, one of the first public water tanks in the ancient world. By building it, you will have several bonuses: +3 Housing; +1 Amenity from entertainment; -50% Production and Food yields from Flood damage; +1 Faith to the yields belonging to the city for every time it has been Flooded. This Wonder will be available at Pottery very early in the game.

To answer the question, you will want to build the Great Bath in Floodplains (Desert, Grassland, Plains). These are terrain features that consist of tiles that happen to be near rivers. That’s the reason they are prone to being flooded. Furthermore, the water presence is what will make the Great Bath viable. Additionally to the bonuses above-mentioned, all of your floodplains tiles along the river that contain this specific Wonder will be immune to Flood damage.

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Be sure to plan ahead and see if building this Wonder will pay off in the long run. Being the first Wonder available in the game, then you could probably save up for another that could benefit your Food and Production even further. Ultimately, it is a gamble to use in high disaster settings that could or could not pay off. It is up to you. That is strategy, after all *wink wink*.

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