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How to Win as Ptolemaic Cleopatra in Civilization 6: Tips and Strategies

Got rivers? Then you've got victory conditions!
Ptolemaic Cleopatra | Image by Firaxis Games
Ptolemaic Cleopatra | Image by Firaxis Games

Are you interested in playing the life of the Civilization 6 party? Ptolemaic Cleopatra brings passion, drama, and plentiful bounty to Civ 6. If you’re looking to win as Ptolemaic Cleopatra in Civilization 6, remember this: it all starts with a river.

You’ll need to settle on a river (the Nile, or an equivalent) immediately to find success as this leader. If you’re having trouble doing this in your game starts, consider an ideal Civ 6 map seed full of rivers for Ptolemaic Cleopatra.

If you’re playing opposite an AI Ptolemaic Cleopatra, you’re facing her unique agenda: Basilike Ge. This agenda means she doesn’t like civs that have a low food output, so farm some extra fields if you need to stay on her good side.

Ptolemaic Cleopatra Leader Ability

Ptolemaic Cleopatra’s leader ability is called Arrival of Hapi, and it’s related to the fertility of the region of Egypt along the Nile. If a resource is located on a floodplain, it gets +1 Culture and +1 Food. There’s also a fantastic Appeal bonus that comes in handy for city building with this leader: tiles adjacent to Floodplains get +1 Appeal, whereas normally they’d get -1.

Tips for Winning Civ 6 as Ptolemaic Cleopatra

The equation for winning as Ptolemaic Cleopatra is rivers + food + population + culture.

When you’re founding cities, always look for Floodplains and rivers. This is the key to Egypt’s success, because you’ll get extra Production, Food, Culture, and Appeal.

Because of the Iteru ability, you’ll get that Production and flood protection, whereas other civs would have to continually repair flooded tiles, especially early game.

Ptolemaic Cleopatra is a determined leader | Image by Firaxis Games

Rely on constructing the unique Sphinx tile improvements to create additional culture and propel your civilization towards a cultural victory. (Yes, this leader is best suited towards such a victory.)

Score era points and grow your civ by constructing neighborhoods in tiles adjacent to floodplains, taking advantage of the Appeal adjacency bonus. Your high food output can support a large population.

Persona Spotlight of Ptolemaic Cleopatra | Firaxis Games

Ptolemaic Cleopatra is a beginner-friendly leader — she focuses a lot on domestic building and tile improvement, making her a great leader to learn with. If you like focusing on a domestic agenda and building to win, consider a cultural victory with Ptolemaic Cleopatra.


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