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How to Win as Ambiorix in Civilization 6

Get a cultural victory without sacrificing production by carrying a spear and wearing a kilt!
Ambiatorix | Firaxis Games
Ambiatorix | Firaxis Games

Mr. Tough Guy. My crush. “The King in All Directions,” more accurately, which is what Ambiorix means in his native Gallic language. In real life, this guy told Caesar’s occupying forces to kick rocks back in 54 BC, waging a campaign of freedom against Rome in the harsh winter months. While he ultimately lost, he dealt a surprising and devastating blow to an empire.

He was king of the Eburones tribe, which constitutes modern Belgium.

Let’s take a look at Ambiorix’s key features, then outline a strategy to ensure victory if you choose to play as Gaul.

Gallic Empire Civ Ability: Hallstatt Culture

Mines are the name of the game here. You get minor adjacency bonuses for mines with this feature for each district, and you also get a culture bomb of territory currently unowned, in addition to a +1 Culture. However, you lose other adjacency bonuses for districts and you can’t build them next to your city center.

Gallic Mining Bonuses | Image by Firaxis Games
Gallic Mining Bonuses | Image by Firaxis Games

Ambiorix Ability: King of the Eburones

With this ability, Ambiorix provides even more culture, to the tune of 20% of the unit’s cost if the unit is non-civilian. Ranged, anti-cav, and melee units get +2 Combat Strength for each adjacent combat unit.

Your unique units include the Gaesatae, an early game Warrior replacement which gets +10 to combat strength (it does cost more than a Warrior).

To lead an army as Ambiorix, you want to make sure you keep your units together — just as they were known to swarm against the Romans. This is because of your adjacency bonus, which can give you an edge against a larger force.

Build Oppidum Districts

Oppidum District | Firaxis Games
Oppidum District | Firaxis Games

You also get the unique Oppidum district, which is available earlier than the Industrial Zone it’s intended to replace. You get the Apprenticeship tech when you construct your first one, and it’s going to get you a +2 to production if you build it adjacent to a strategic resource or a quarry.

Ambiorix Strategy: Build Minds, Make Army, Win Cultural Victory

While it’s possible for Ambiorix to have a Domination Victory, most of his advantages with the military happen early game, as his special unit is a Warrior replacement. Instead, it makes more sense to use your abilities to rely on intense production so you can focus on major cultural output, leading to a Cultural Victory and a rise in tourism.

Do this by:

  • Building plenty of mines and Oppidum Districts.
  • Capitalize on multiple adjacency bonuses by constructing other building types between mines and whatever else provides that particular structure an adjacency bonus.
  • Building Gaesatae and keep the unit formations tight.
  • Protecting your mines and build Outposts around them — if enemies start to pillage your mines or Oppidums, your production will drop fast and it might be hard to recover.

Ambiorix is a fantastic beginner ruler to play, especially if you want to learn about the power of production or ensure your first Cultural Victory.

Agenda: Scourge of Rome

Are you playing against an AI Ambiorix? If so, you’ll want to know that Ambiorix isn’t a fan of leaders with small armies, and sees them as weak. If you want to impress him, make sure to keep your army up to snuff.


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