Where Is Sisal in My Time at Sandrock?

Let's cut some Sisal trees
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Sisal is one of the resource materials in the game My Time at Sandrock. It is a raw material, which means it can only be obtained by gathering, logging, or quarrying. You cannot buy Sisal, but you can sell it in various places we’ll mention later in the article.

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How To Get Sisal?

We mentioned in the previous paragraph that Sisal is a raw material, which means you cannot obtain it by buying it. The only way to get Sisal is by logging the Sisal Trees. You can find Sisal Trees in the Whispering Valley; they are pineapple-shaped trees. To log Sisal Trees, you will need some sort of axe, and better axes will give you more material. However, since the environment in the game lacks trees, logging is restricted by strict laws that prohibit plant life destruction.

How to Use Sisal?

Sisal is a raw material that cannot be bought. The only way to get it is by logging. However, you can sell Sisal at several locations, and the price is 8 Gols per unit. These are the places you can sell Sisal:

  • Blue Moon To-Go
  • By The Stairs
  • Commerce Guild Store
  • Construction Junction Shop
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Tailor Made

You can use Sisal for crafting and gifting. Crafting-wise, you can use Sisal to make a Tailoring Machine, which is a device to make textile items. Sisal can also be given as a gift to other characters. Vivi, the owner of the tailor shop, really loves Sisal, and giving it to her will increase her level of sympathy towards you by boosting the Like scale by 6 points. Other characters are not so enthusiastic towards Sisal, and getting it will give you +2 on the Neutral scale.

Sisal is a raw material obtainable by logging that is useful in making textile items. For more related content, try out our articles How to Find Chromium Steel Bar Recipe in My Time at Sandrock? or How to Build and Upgrade Your House in My Time at Sandrock.

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