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When do you Get the Rings Back in Fire Emblem Engage

If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it. Or at least not lose it.
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There is one narrative trope in video games that I have always enjoyed watching it unfold. That is the classic moment where your main protagonist loses all of his abilities or skills after you have been briefly introduced to what he is capable of when powered all the way up. It has happened on Metroid, it has happened on God of War, and unfortunately, it happens in Fire Emblem Engage. Oh, but it is pretty much worse. Read on to know when do you get the rings back in Fire Emblem.

When do you Get the Rings Back

We will not enter into details, but eventually, in Chapter 10, you will lose all of your Emblem Rings. That is, you will lose the ability to summon past heroes spirits to help you in battle. That, for a lack of a better word, sucks. However, you will get the rings back in due time. The thing is, you won’t get them back immediately, and you will have to thrive through chapters in order to return to where you were before. Read the table below to keep track of when will you get your Emblem Rings back.

ChapterEmblem Ring
Chapter 11: RetreatEmblem Ring Lyn, Emblem Ring Lucina
Chapter 13: Heroes of the OasisEmblem Ring Ike
Chapter 14: The Battle of SolmEmblem Ring Byleth
Chapter 15: Dancer of the RuinsEmblem Ring Corrin
Chapter 16: Seashore TravelsEmblem Ring Eirika
Chapter 17: Serenity in RuinEmblem Ring Leif, Emblem Ring Sigurd
Chapter 19: The Dead TownEmblem Ring Roy, Emblem Ring Micaiah
Chapter 20: The Kingless CastleEmblem Ring Celica
Chapter 23: The Four HoundsEmblem Ring Marth

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Well, that’s a bummer. But well, at least you will have the thrill of getting your Emblem Rings back, right? No? Well, I was trying to see the glass half-full. The truth is, it is actually pretty empty, and you will have to fill it slowly. Ok, I don’t do metaphors. Good luck, then.

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