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When Do Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Reset?

When Do Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Reset?

Some pundits have likened the current era of online gaming to having a second job. It’s all very schedule-based; you gotta be online at such and such time, play for exactly this amount of time, then do it again the following week. There is some truth to that, though unlike most nine-to-five jobs, playing games is actually fun. Usually. If you want to maximize that fun, it never hurts to keep your ear to the ground for schedule changes. On that note, when do Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges reset?

When do Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Reset?

Halo Infinite’s Weekly Challenges reset and swap out every week on Tuesday at noon Eastern Time. Much like how new games always seem to come out on Tuesdays, Halo Infinite’s challenges roll over on Tuesdays as well. Don’t ask me why. When the challenge reset occurs, all of your existing challenges will be cycled out for new ones, and you won’t be able to complete any you haven’t finished yet.

Assuming you’re able to play every day (which, in fairness, not everyone is), a week should be more than enough time to knock out every challenge on the board, but it definitely wouldn’t help to optimize your process a bit. Here’s a few tips for clearing out challenges quickly:

  1. Focus on mode challenges first, like winning a particular kind of match. If you’re playing well enough to just win, you’ll probably get a few ticks toward your other challenges in the process.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use Swap tokens if you have them. Some challenges are just too abstract for some people; if you can’t do one, Swap it.
  3. Play with friends. Many hands make easy work, so join PvP with a group of competent buddies to clear things out faster.
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