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What Is The Holy Cross in Tunic? Answered

Tunic is Zelda AF

What is the holy cross in Tunic? Well, Tunic is an action/adventure game that feels like it melds perfectly between a puzzle game and an action game. It feels a little old-school Zelda-esque, and is filled with charm, cute visuals, and a ton of character. Though the game may initially win you over on charm alone, this is a pretty intense game. It has some great puzzles and really memorable boss fights. But do not mistake a cute game for a walk in the park. There is a lot to unpack in Tunic. Especially how tough some of the puzzles get in the end game. But don’t worry, you already have it.

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Spoiler alert: it’s the name of your D-pad.

What Is The Holy Cross in Tunic?

To put it simply, the Holy Cross is either the D-pad on a gamepad or the arrow keys if you’re using a keyboard. It is the absolute most important tool in your kit when it comes to solving all late-game puzzles. The most common puzzles you come across are ones that require you to follow paths using it.

Oh, and yes. We are all referring to all D-pads as the holy cross from here on in. That is too good not to borrow. And again, we cannot speak the praises of this game enough. it reminds us of old school games in the best ways. Don’t make the mistake of passing this game up.

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